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Dancing with Pole

December 26, 2012

It was the day after Christmas, what the Brits call Boxing Day, and it was my turn to head off on my own to the club we'd been to together in November. Ellen was staying with the kids, then taking her turn  a few nights later while I stay with the kids. Then we'd go together for New Years, splurging on the party and on the babysitter!

I arrived on time and met up with Ron and Nora, who were in line waiting to check in for the full six days of non-stop partying and play. They are both in their sixties, so I was impressed with their stamina, but Ellen has already described Ron's stamina beforethe lifestyle is their passion! Fortunately I'd already gone through the club orientation so I had time to chat with them, meet others, and generally relax in an easy-going social atmosphere.

After sitting with an older group for a while, I decided to mix and meet some of the younger people, and invited myself to a table where an attractive couple in their forties, Kurt and Mona, were sitting, along with a cute vivacious single woman, Jenny, and another single guy, Danny, a bit younger (during a later visit, Ellen ended up playing with him, but that's her story to tell). I found Mona, in her sexy black bodice, thong and stockings, quite exotic and attractive and hoped to be invited to play with them at some point. Jenny was very nice and lively but definitely not my type physicallyshe is very roley poley. Still, I decided to try and not get picky and to go with the flow, since I knew the options would be limited and anyway I wanted to get beyond my own social programming about body types.

After a while I took my leave to see whom else I could meet, knowing that Ellen had said that the socializing before dinner was a great time for getting to know potential playmates. I ran into Ron and Nora again and talked, but had also noticed three sexy ladies who were chatting on a sofa and chair grouping and whom I wanted to meet. I said so to Ron, and he surprised me by observing that I seemed to be getting comfortable since he has seen two of the women (who are part of a well established triad) often in the past and had yet to go up and even talk with them. Angela and Kathy (as I learned their names) are reputed to be very selective about whom they included. But I figured the worst that could happen would be rejection, so I went over and asked to join them, and was welcomed to sit down—a good sign. We talked a bit, then we were joined by Eve's (the single woman) partner Brian, and Angela and Kathy's joint partner, Tim, who is very nice but surprisingly nondescript. I wondered what his secret is. Eve is a beautiful, tall and lithe young Asian woman, and Brian is an attractive match, but they both seemed reserved; it was their first time at the club, but perhaps not in the lifestyle (I never did get their story). After a while I felt like I had made a pretty good impression, and dinner was announced, so we all split up to get food at the buffet.

I rejoined Kurt, Mona, Jenny and Danny for dinner, and the conversation was fun and easy. Kurt seemed a little reserved but Mona was pretty chatty. Soon, the MC, Phil announced that the night's festivities were beginning, an amateur striptease competition topped off by a performance of a world-class pole dancer named Tigra. I looked over at Mona and suggestively raised my eyebrows as Phil tried to recruit contestants, but she replied that, while she can gang bang in public, she wasn't ready to strip. I had the impulse to dare her and say I would do it if she did, but refrained. I didn't want to seem pushy. Nonetheless, as Phil kept trying to get people to sign up and only managed two contestants, I could see Mona struggling with herself, and sure enough, she stood up with resolution and walked over to the DJ's table to sign up. I decided, what the hell, if I was going to get to know people at this club and make an impression, I might as well jump in as well. Besides, I'd already made the dare with Mona in my head and wanted to honor it, even if she didn't know. As I stood and strolled across the dance floor to sign up, I heard a cheer and turned to see a lot of bemused faces watching me, including slight incredulity on Ron and Nora's faces. "I still have my own bag of tricks" I thought to myself.

In my younger days before I met Ellen, I spent about a decade working in theater, including a lot of time in comedy, satire and improvisation. Those were really fun times, and the skills I learned then still serve me well. I know how to entertain, and have never felt inhibited in front of an audience. I had made an ass of myself for the entertainment of others plenty of times, so I felt perfectly at ease with the idea of doing so on this night. Besides, isn't a good sense of humor one of the hallmarks of the sexy man?

The first contestant, a wiry young man, did a serious turn on the dance floor and slowly teased and stripped and swung around the pole to the music. He was pretty good and got the crowd going, but ended still wearing a black thong. He was followed by a big woman with lots of extra padding, huge tits and plenty of confidence and sass, who stripped down to her panties and stockings. Then it was my turn. I decided to get the audience involved, and never tried to be sexy except for fun and entertainment. The shoes I flipped off and then each sock was offered up to someone in the audience to peel off; a woman and a man, just for balance. I danced and shook my stuff, spun on the pole and ground against it. I was having fun and getting lots of audience involvement. On the upper level overlooking the dance floor I saw Kathy and Angela laughing and calling out encouragement, and Angela flashed me her gorgeous augmented tits. I pointed at her and crooked a finger, beckoning her down to take off my shirt, and down she came. She pulled my shirt over my head and danced a bit with me before I went back to the pole. Next my belt came off with an older woman's assistance, and over I waltz to Tigra, who had been clapping and laughing and cheering me one. She unbuttoned my trouser and unzipped my fly, and down they went, but not off. I did the silly jerky walk to the beat of the music with my pants at my ankles, threw myself onto the pole and around, swung my feet out into the air and the centripetal force did the rest—the pants flew off my feet and into the audience. It wasn't something I'd planned, just a moment of inspiration, but it worked and the crowd went wild. Now it was time for for my boxer briefs; I was going all the way. I went over to Linda, one of the staff members who also sang and DJ'd, and she peeled them down and off just as the song—I have no idea what song—came to an end. I was bare assed naked and took a bow to cheers and laughs. I had lots of help gathering up my clothes and headed back to the table to get dressed. I was hot and sweaty but revelled in the attention—the energy of connection between a performer and a rapt audience is intense and life affirming.

Next it was Mona's turn and she did a very sensuous dance. I could see that this was something she was determined to bring off, and she did well, using the pole, but not involving the audience; she had turned inward and was doing it for herself alone. She stripped down to thong, garters and stockings, and got a great cheer at the end. Finally, with all contestants finished, Phil was goaded into taking a turn. He is a professional actor and comedian, and had his fun with the crowd, stripping to his silk boxers. But he wasn't competing.

Phil called all four of us out onto the dance floor, and voting was by applause. Phil went past each of us once, gauging the volume, then passed by each of us again to be sure. It was clear. There was no doubt. I was the first man ever to win the amateur strip tease contest! It must have been the flying pants. The prize was a hundred bucks, but that was simply a bonus. I'd made an impression and people would know I could have fun.

After the contest, it was time for Tigra to perform. She is astonishingly beautiful and talented, gracefully in command of her body as she slowly and sensuously moved up and around and down the pole in perfect sync with the ethereal music. It was a hypnotic performance, erotic and sensual without being overtly sexual in the least. I have seen amazing performances of grace and strength in ballets, in modern dance, in Cirque du Soleil, and Tigra was as good as the best of them, but more real for the intimacy of the room and the already erotic vibe among the audience. We gave her a standing ovation.

Later, after the main event was over and people began moving onto the dance floor or off to play, I went over to complement Tigra as she chatted with Phil (with whom she works on occasion). She gave me a big smile and thanks, and then asked whether I minded if she stole my pole-spinning pants-flinging move for her act. I laughed and told her she was welcome to it!

After a while, I joined Ron and Nora and went up to change and relax in the hot tub. After heating up, we decided to head to the play area to check out the action. I couldn't go into the play area unescorted, so Nora was my escort. Nora is a very sweet older woman but not someone I am at all attracted to, so I hung back and watched while they engaged with an older couple they know who were fucking on a froggy chair. I couldn't wander, and wasn't really into the scene in front of me, but I enjoyed watching and listening to some of the couples around us. I noticed Mona and Kurt in an upper bed with Mark, one of the two men (the other is Ron) whom Ellen considers a "repeat." Mona was getting well fucked by Mark while Kurt looked on and stroked his cock.

Soon, Phil and Tigra walked by. He was giving her a tour of the newly redecorated play area with the fluorescent paint and black light, which is really fun. She was wearing the same matching panties and bra she'd performed in, and she soon climbed up onto a bed and looked like she was settling in to play. I decided to take a leap and, assuming they were going to play together, asked them both if they'd like some company. Tigra thanked me but said she wasn't there to play, just to visit and watch a bit, and needed to head home. But she also winked and said, "maybe some other time." Later that night, Peter complemented me on my approach, which he said was just the right touch. He also winked and reminded me that Tigra had not said "no," only maybe later. And he told me that she is a very enthusiastic fuck.

When I was much younger, I had a memorable night with a friend who was a professional dancer. She was incredibly limber and strong, and we took full advantage of her ability to bend in complex ways. So I know that a chance with Tigra would be a both a fantasy come true and one hell of a workout, the thought of which keeps me inspired to exercise and stretch. I'm still pretty limber for my age.

Well, the night passed quickly as Nora and Ron headed off to have fun and I got adopted by another woman who was heading out of the play area. For all the fun and interesting play going on around me—I saw Eve and Brian fucking, Tim fucking another woman, Mona and Mark and Kurt still going at it in different configurations—I wasn't really responding as I'd hoped, even with pharmaceutical help. I took a break and headed down stairs to get a drink, danced a bit, and looked for Kathy, Angela and Tim, but they were no where to be found. So I settled into the open pit at the bottom of the stairs to the upper play area, and relaxed and watched the goings on. Soon I was joined by Jenny, who made it evident that she was available. I chatted with her but wasn't really sure of myself or my interest, so after a while she headed off, and I joined a group that included Phil talking at the bottom of the stairs.

We were joined by a few women including a very pretty lady named Joanie, who is a new masseuse at the club. She was wearing a long terry cloth robe but I could see she had a great body, but she didn't seem ready to play. After a while one of the women started to head upstairs along with a man who'd come down to pee (his partner was still upstairs) but couldn't go back up without a female escort. I asked to go up with them and she agreed. We chatted a bit before she rejoined her partner near the mirror room where saw Eve and Brian again, along with Jenny and another man, and finally Angela, Kathy and Tim, who looked like they were packing up their large assortment of toys. I asked to join them but Angela and Kathy gave me an apologetic look and said they had to go—they were both working in the morning. "Next time," said Angela as she gave me a deep kiss goodbye. Kathy gave me another, and Tim shrugged good naturedly and said "good night."

At about the same time, Eve and Brian decided to change rooms. I realized they did that each time I was nearby, which caused me some unease—they were sexy to watch but I didn't feel like I was anymore a voyeur than anyone else. I made a mental note to give them lots of space. That left Jenny and another man whose name I never caught. She was sitting on his face as he enthusiastically ate her, and she told me I was welcome to join; two was better than one, she said. I decided that my options were narrowing and it was time to stop holding out for my fantasy—sexy beauties to play with—and I joined my first m√©nage √† trois. Since Jenny was now getting vigorously fucked from behind, I lay down in front of her as she took my all-too-soft penis into her hands. She was gentle and coaxing, and took me into her mouth, but an erection just wasn't happening. At one point the other guy looked over and saw my limp cock in Jenny's hand and grunted, "interesting." Kind of an assholish thing to say, but he didn't strike me as the sensitive type, anyway. In fact, he must have turned Jenny off, too, because after a while she told him she'd like to play with me alone, and he wandered off.

I told Jenny to lay down, I wanted to return the favor, however unsuccessfully it had turned out, and she settled back while I kissed her and nibble her neck, sucked her surprisingly small nipples, and then went down on her. She was very enthusiastic, and it was fun to finger fuck her and lick and suck her. Hers was the first pussy I'd tasted other than Ellen's in 23 years. Now, I love the smell and taste and feel of a woman's pussy, but Jenny's had a taste that was very different—slightly bitter, but not unpleasant. I'm not sure that Jenny every really came, but she was very vocal and squirmed a lot, as she had with the other guy, so I'm sure she enjoyed herself. Eventually she was ready for a change, and decided that I presented a challenge that she was going to conquer. She gave me the longest and most patient blow job I had ever had. It felt really good, but I never got hard until at the very end, when finally I hit the point of no return and came in her warm and welcoming mouth. She was so tender and considerate, so patient and empathetic, I couldn't help but be grateful. Jenny turned away and deposited my cum in a tissue, swished some water around her mouth, then snuggled up to me. We chatted for a while about her family, my family, and I let her know she was the first woman I'd been with in more than two decades. She was very warm and friendly, and I recalled (but kept to myself) an old saying that fat girls are always nicer.

After a while, we parted ways. I headed down to the shower, feeling tired and slightly disappointed but also glad to have reached something of a milestone. I was also chilled to the bone and trembling, which is something I've noticed happens when I take Viagra and the like. The trembling and chilliness can be unpleasant, which isn't very conducive for erections. Along with all my other uncertainties about performance, plus the still novel and distracting sex club scene, I wasn't too surprised that I'd had a less than optimal night.

Another couple, along with Joanie the pretty masseuse, were finishing up in the shower when I entered. I chatted with them some as they dried each other off and then they said goodnight. I'd tried to make some small talk with Joanie, who has lovely long honey-colored hair and pretty green eyes, a slim body, perfect natural breasts and a great ass. We sort of connected, but it was late and she was heading home. But she made a point of coming back to the shower and saying "good night" with a cute smile that held promise of future play. Between Joanie and Tigra, I have much to look forward to and fantasize about, but it is Jenny to whom I owe my gratitude. I have a lot of confidence to regain before I'll be ready for the beauties, and she was just the sort of gentle soul I needed that night.

The entire experience was both a rush and a worry. On the one hand, I'm a self-confident performer as an entertainer, able to keep an audience entertained. I love to flirt and am confident that women find me attractive. But when it gets down to sex, I find that my confidence flags. Perhaps its the newness of the entire scene, along with the nagging sense of inadequacy I have felt since Ellen began to play and really have fun with others. My entire self image has been challenged far more than I ever expected, and it has hit me in my most vulnerable bits. I am both surprised and disappointed at how profoundly this opening of our relationship has rocked me, but I also know that, with time, I'll find a new equilibrium. Intellectually I know this is what I want, to have the freedom to pursue other women, to flirt and feel and fuck without giving up the relationship I have with Ellen. What man would not relish such freedom? And perhaps if I do end up connecting with someone special, someone truly wonderful, I'll look back on my insecurities and laugh. For now, it's a journey, and not an easy one, as I discover facets of myself I never knew existed.

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