Friday, May 10, 2013

April 6, Preping Ellen for Leather Night and Other Thoughts

After the high points of Glow Night and Gang Bang night, I was eager to keep up the positive momentum, but we'd had a family trip that included a false start for Ellen and me that felt more like a step backward, and then she had a health scare (which thankfully turned out to be just a scare). When we got home, I had some minor surgery to fix a bothersome condition that put me out of action for a few weeks.
Looking back, fucking Beth was a milestone for me, as I mentioned in my Glow Night post. I was able to function, to fuck, and to redeem my failure on New Year’s Eve in the dog pile. But more, I realized this was something of a quid pro quo that psychologically was significant. This was the case with Nora during Gang Bang night. Ron is Ellen's favorite, which has been rough on me given his amazing stamina and talents, and the intensely sexual chemistry between them. So when finally I was physically able to fuck Nora, and had fun doing it (and seeing that she did, too), I felt as if the balance in my world had been reestablished. Ron fucked my wife, I fucked his, everyone enjoyed it.
This didn't occur to me for weeks, but at a psychic level it was there, a new balance that has surprised and pleased me. Sure, I have little doubt that Ellen's time with Ron is certainly more mind-blowing than my experiences thus far with either Nora or Beth (which were still a lot of fun), and both Mark and Ron have a level of stamina and cock-hard readiness to which I still aspire, but on a fundamental level, I had achieved balance; I was no longer haunted by the idea of being the cuckold, we were all fucking each other’s partners.
The challenge with my performance has begun to ease with this new balance, and I feel a sense of renewed confidence. This reminds me yet again that the problem isn't really the meat between my legs but the grey matter between my ears.
So when Ellen asked to go out on her own to Leather Night, I was caught between my new sense of balance and a desire not to test it so soon. I knew she wanted to go, was expecting her to go, but I was still caught off guard when she raised it with me. We had some pretty intense conversations, but in the end I wanted her to go, and told her so.
Although I was still in recovery from surgery, I was able to get into the spirit of her preparations and enjoy myself. I helped Ellen chose her lingerie, her jewelry, and arranged for one of our sons, who is talented with a sewing machine, to repair a strap on her faux leather dress that had been broken during Gang Bang night.
Later, as she was ready to leave, we had a passionate goodbye kiss that got me hard, and I decided to take advantage of the moment and ask for a blowjob, which Ellen happily accommodated. She sat on the edge of the bed as I opened the buttons on my jeans and presented my stiff cock. She took me into her warm mouth and licked around the head of my cock while stroking my shaft, and I grasped her by the hair and gently eased myself deeper into her mouth, careful not to go too far. It felt great as Ellen bobbed tenderly up and down my cock, paying particular attention to the area just below the crown that feels so good when she licks it, and fondling my balls.
As nice as it felt, I wasn't quite finished. I pulled away and told Ellen to stand up and bend over a table, then hiking up the hem of her short dress I pulled down her sexy panties and drove my hard cock into her with enthusiasm. She was wet and ready, and I fucked her hard and long enough to get her moaning and gasping. I knew that if I kept it up much longer, she would cum, and so might I, but I didn't want her to cum. I wanted her to drive away feeling as hot and bothered as I'd felt most of the day. As much as I wanted to cum inside her, to fill her with something she'd feel oozing out of her on the drive to the club, I held back, in part because I knew that if I came, she might, too. It often sets her off, and I didn't want that, so I withheld. Besides, I was enjoying the sexual tension, and knew I'd find relief later in the evening before drifting off to sleep. 
I pulled out and Ellen sighed with surprise, realizing what I was doing, then grumbled good-naturedly about having to change into everyday panties now that she was so wet. She stuffed her sexy panties into her purse for later, after she'd cooled off some. But having just read her Blog post from Leather Night, it sounds like she never really did cool off!

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