Saturday, September 21, 2013

July 21: Good Eating at Sizzling Hot BBQ

Our semi-local adult social club to the North hosted a barbecue on Sunday and Ellen, who had been recuperating from a medical procedure, wasn't able to play.  

In fact, we hadn't had sex in weeks and I was pretty horny. Ellen's obvious lack of desire when she can't enjoy herself means that when she can't have sex, I'm left to my own devices unless I specifically ask for her to touch me. I do that on occasion but her general lack of interest or motivation is hardly conducive to my pleasure, so I usually end up taking matters into my own hand. It wasn't always thus, but it is what it is now.

To her credit, Ellen has strongly encouraged me to find what I need and want in other women—she doesn't want to be responsible for fulling all of my intimacy needs. And going out alone is the only way to really do that.

It was with ambivalence that I headed out to the club that Sunday afternoon. My one previous solo experience was fun but not particularly successful, but I did feel more confident and decided just to have fun and see what the evening held—no expectations.

I arrived a bit late—the summer traffic was heavy—so by the time I got there, the tables set out on the lawn were pretty full and people had already had a first round of food. I took a quick look around and saw a few people at a nearby table whom I recognized, along with a couple of apparently single attractive ladies about my age, and asked if I could join them. I was welcome, and I sat down next to Mona and Sara, who were apparently alone.

The conversation was easy and I noticed Mona glancing my way occasionally. Sara turned out to be with Jeffery, the wonderfully talented cook at the club. At one point, Anthony, a biker and renowned (in the club) erotic masseur for the ladies offered me a beer and we chatted about an upcoming biker trip. I've always thought that giving erotic massages would be a great job, but Anthony works for free at the club so that his ability to deliver happy endings doesn't cross legal boundaries about payment for sex.

After a while, people started to disperse to the play area inside, and I found myself standing with Mona making small talk. I had never been out to the yurt that the Club had set up in a secluded corner of the grounds, and which functioned sometimes as an overflow sleeping area and sometimes as a dungeon, so I asked Mona if she wanted to explore a bit. She was game, and we found the yurt vacant but with a number of the BDSM equipment from Memorial Day weekend stored in it. That led to discussions of interests, and I described my enjoyment of hot wax, light bondage and light flogging, and how I'd missed the chance of getting flogged on Memorial weekend.

We eventually wandered back to a lounge area inside the club and continued talking. We both knew that this was the preliminary dance of interest, and I liked that she seemed to want “getting to know you” chat as much as I did—neither of us was in a hurry to go fuck.

Mona is a very attractive woman with a lovely body that she works hard to keep in shape. She has long wavy hair, a broad, enticing ass, and delightfully pert tits that were still under protection from a lift she'd had only a few weeks previous. She didn't go in for enlargement, which I said was nice—I like natural tits.

I told Mona about Ellen and me, our exploration of an open marriage and my challenges. Mona told me about her two marriages (she was divorced and uninterested in another marriage or in monogamy), her exploration of the lesbian scene, her children, and a couple she'd met and played with soon after joining the club earlier in the year. One thing she stressed was that she wanted to avoid drama and was very appreciative of wives who “shared” their husbands with her. It was an interesting perspective, and I liked her sensitivity toward spouses and her desire not to avoid causing trouble for married men.

As we chatted, slowly we began touching, at first lightly to make a point as we talked, then a bit more, and finally I asked if she was interested in going up stairs to play. She smiled broadly and enthusiastically told me she did.

On the way up I gave her my “elevator speech” which I'd head about on a podcast and decided to try. I knew that Ellen had a similar speech about safe sex and what her limits are, but I had only just worked out my own. Mona was the first to hear it.

In essence, I told her that I always use condoms for fucking, that I really enjoy giving and receiving oral, and that I'm a bit “shy” when I'm first with new people, so not to be surprised or take it personally if I'm not erect. It seemed to work well for her and she shared some of her preference, including a love a fellatio. That sounded excellent to me!

It had ben a bit hot outside and I wanted a quick shower to refresh. It was a little odd stripping down with Mona as if this were totally normally and common; we didn't strip each other or really use the moment as foreplay. I invited Mona into the shower, and she joined me while keeping her sports bra on and dry to avoid getting her tits wet. At this point, we began kissing and caressing, and soon we were both ready to head up to the play area.

We selected a bed in the dayglow-blacklit room, where we could hear other people and enjoy the sexy glow and bright patterns. As we reclined on the bed and kissed, I left her mips and trailed kisses down her neck, across or belly, along the inside of her thighs, and finally explored her shaved pussy with lips, tongue and fingers. She was extremely responsive and growled like a cat in heat as her pleasure mounted and she approached orgasm. She ground her mound into my lips and fingers as she came. Sensing that she was just warming up, I didn't stop, and to my delight and hers, she came over and over again. Oh, she was fun!

After what seemed like a long string of loud growling orgasms, she decided she wanted me in her mouth. I asked if she wanted me to wear a condom—it wasn't something Ellen and I required for oral but I wanted to be sensitive to Mona—but she said absolutely not. Hmmm, I thought, this is verrry promising!

I'd not gotten fully erect, yet, although her orgasms had definitely had an affect on me. But her mouth enticed me hard and I enjoyed her very talented mouth and tongue and hand as she alternated between hard and soft, shallow licks and deep deep throat. Wow! She could really suck cock! And she could also come while doing so. I'd been fingering her clit and finger fucking her while she sucked me, and she came a number of times, but at one point she had a loud orgasm with my cock buried in her mouth and without me even touching her.

With my cock hard, I wanted to fuck her, and told her so. I reached for a condom from one of the handy baskets that the club maintains all around the play areas, but the damn wrapper wouldn't tear and try as I might, I couldn't get it open. I reached for another one, which I was able to open, but by then my erection had subsided. Mona tried to revive it with her talented mouth, but the moment had passed.

After I reminder her of my earlier comment about shyness, I returned to caressing and lick her, and we both enjoyed another round or her resounding orgasms. My tongue and lips had gotten a real rubbing from the stubble on her pubic mound and around her pussy lips, and were feeling a little raw and numb, so I shifted to finger fucking her while nibbling and kissing her belly, her neck and her mouth. She responded with more intense orgasms, arching up meet my fingers and grip my hand between her thighs.

In the afterglow, I caressed her lightly and she caressed and kissed my nipples and trailed her fingers lightly over my body as we chatted intimately. She said she was sorry that I hadn't had more fun, but I assured her that her pleasure was my pleasure, and that orgasm for me was great but not always reliable.

We both felt a nice connection that was both unexpected and very satisfying. I noticed after a while that there were no sounds of sex around us; it appeared that we were the last ones left in the play area. I glanced at the clock and saw that time had flown past. But I didn't want to interrupt the intimate atmosphere we had created together, even though I knew I was going to miss the ferry and would have a long, late-night drive home.

Then the lights went out. We called in the dark to let the closing staff know that we were still in the play area, and gathered up our things when the lights went on. David, whom I remembered from my first strip night months before as the other male stripper contestant, was the closer, and he laughed and apologized that he'd almost locked us in.

That wouldn't have been such a bad thing, I thought.

Mona and I took a quick shower—I didn't want to smell like another woman when I got home, out of consideration for Ellen—and enjoyed soaping each other up. As we dried off and dressed, I told Mona that I hoped to see her again, and gave her my email address so that she could contact me if she felt okay to do that. Then I walked her out to her car, we kissed deeply and hugged, and Mona said she hoped to see me again. I fully agreed.

On the drive home, it occurred to me that I had indeed found someone who gave me what I've been needing; enthusiasm for me, intense pleasure at my touch, tenderness, and a keen interest in my pleasure. The next morning, I got an email from Mona, telling me what a great time she'd had. I replied that I would be going to the next event on Wednesday—another strip night—and hoped to see her there. She wrote back quickly that she'd certainly see me there, and cheer me on if I wanted to compete again.

It was a date that I very much looked forward to!

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