Sunday, November 11, 2012

Going and Coming Together

A week after Ellen enjoyed her solo trip to the Halloween party with 500 other people all playing, fucking, sucking, fingering, and coming, we headed out together for our first overnight couples’ evening at the same adult social club. I was looking forward to seeing the place and experiencing the openness and honesty and hot sex that Ellen had so enjoyed.

We had talked about our options, as there are two places Ellen had visited within a few hours’ drive that cater to the lifestyle we were exploring. The first one she’d visited on her own is more of a night club atmosphere with loud music and lots of energy, but less social engagement, whereas the one that hosted the Halloween party was larger but more focused on the social element as well as sex, and likely to be less crowded this time. We decided to opt for the second, as it would be my first time and I wanted to meet and talk with people, which is hard for me with a lot of loud music. Between us, I am the one who seems to invest more meaning into sex—I’ve always been a romantic and never really cared for the casual fuck. Or so I’ve always thought. Maybe with the security and trust I have with Ellen, the casual fuck with someone else might hold more appeal.

Before we set off, we met my brother for lunch and to hand the boys over to his care. He had asked where we were going for the evening, and Ellen and I glanced at each other and at the boys who were within earshot, and I said, vaguely, “a club”.  He raised his eyebrows but didn’t pursue it, which left me feeling a bit strange. I decided he deserved a more honest answer, especially since he had watched the kids the first time Ellen went to a club solo, and he and his wife have remarked on Ellen’s new look and sparkle. So we had a few moments to talk in private and I told him about our decision to open our relationship and explore sex with other people, both together and individually. He wasn’t too surprised and was very accepting but had lots of questions, some of which I could answer, many I couldn’t since we’ve only just started. I was happy but not surprised by his reaction—he’s never been judgmental. And it felt good to be honest with him, since this is important to Ellen and me, and we don’t like being secretive. Ellen had told a number of her old friends, and they were mildly surprised or curious but didn’t seem to be overly judgmental either.

So off we went, making a few stops along with way to do a little shopping. I needed a decent shirt to wear and Ellen wanted to check out some clothes too, since she still didn’t have much of a wardrobe that fit her slimmed down sexy body. We also dropped by a sex store to browse the toys and lingerie, Ellen tried on a few outfits, and I bought a set of cock rings that I’d been considering for a while.

We changed into our club wear in a Home Depot parking lot, which was kind of funny, but we weren’t sure we could or should change at the club. Ellen looked great, in a skimpy dress, sexy bra and panties, and fuck-me boots. We got to the club a little early and paid our membership dues—we’d decided to join—and the fee for the evening, brought our bags up to the sleeping room, and looked around the public area of the club. It was modern with lots of wood, a little reminiscent of the 70s, but tasteful, with multiple levels and inner balconies. We were waiting around for the orientation, which was mandatory for first-time visitors. Ellen stayed with me for the orientation even though she’d been through it before, which I appreciated. I was trying to be cool and casual, but we were both a little uptight. I knew I was an inhibitor for Ellen, and I was a total newbie at this scene whereas she’d already delved in. We both knew that we needed to try this together even if it might not be as adventuresome the first time around as we might like. We both were trying to keep our expectations of the evening modest. I hoped Ellen would feel free to play with others as she’d already done, and I'd told her so, but she wanted us to go slowly.

There were only a few other new people at the orientation, and it promised be a fairly low-key night. The orientation included club rules which are all about making people, and especially women, feel safe and able to explore and play without worrying about losing control. Men are most definitely second-class citizens at this particular club, which I found to be a wise decision—I know how threatening aggressive horny men can be, and was glad that Ellen was made to feel comfortable there on her own. They also stressed that heavy drinking was discouraged; another wise choice to keep the atmosphere relaxed and safe.

As a group we toured the play areas. I saw the shared locker room, toilet stalls and showers, the many different beds and cushioned areas, the curtained niches, the froggy chairs, a swing, the mirror room, the hot tubs, and everywhere bowls of condoms. It was a nice warm place, clean and comfortable and designed for intimate fun and pleasure. There was a big screen TV with porn showing on a continuous loop, a gas fireplace, tasteful erotic art on the walls, soft romantic lighting, and places with curtains for the shy as well as lots of open arrangements, too. I especially liked seeing the froggy chair where Ron had fucked Ellen to an earth-shattering orgasm in front of so many onlooker the week before. Being able to picture it better in my head was definitely a turn-on.

We heard the rules, talked with the manager and his partner a bit, and I gradually began relaxing thanks to the very frank, light-hearted conversations.

After orientation, it was time for dinner. There seemed to be around 60-70 people, mostly couples but also a few single women, along with a variety of volunteers and staff. They looked like a cross-section of society, though mostly white. There were younger couples, middle-aged couples, grandparents, a Latino couple, thin people and fat, hefty and svelt, bald and hairy, tall and short, even physically disabled. Most people seemed to know each other to some extent and a number of people seemed to recognize Ellen, including Phil, whom she had declined to play with at the Halloween party due to fatigue and overstimulation post froggy chair. I could see why she was intrigued by him. He had a very warm and friendly manner, and a playful twinkle in his eye.

We were seated at a table for four with a couple who were members but not regulars, and chatted lightly about nothing in particular. The woman was in her 50s, I’d guess, dressed provocatively in corset, g-string, stockings and high heels, with a coat draped over her shoulders for warmth. She was very thin but also muscular in kind of a sinewy way. Her gregarious partner was dressed casually in shirt and jeans. A big man, you could tell he’d once been strong and strapping, but in middle age was going a bit soft. Comparing notes with Ellen later, neither of them held appeal as playmates for either of us, but it was interesting to chat with them.

Dinner was tasty and there was plenty of wine, although neither of us wanted to drink much. Alcohol is an impediment on my performance and I wanted to avoid anything that would diminish our fun. We tried not to overeat, too, so that we wouldn’t be slowed down by post-feast lethargy.

At one point, Ellen pointed out Phil at the table next us. He was making a play for the cute single woman who had been in the orientation. She was interested, too.

Ellen also pointed out a couple to me, Lora and Dean. Lora was about Ellen’s age and striking, with a slim body, tight ass and big tits, and long blond hair. Dean was about six feet tall and beefy, bald, but handsome in a rugged way. “That’s the couple I played with last week,” Ellen said. I looked and looked again, trying to be casual but apparently failing, since Ellen said, “don’t stare.” I certainly understood why Ellen had found Lora so appealing, and was struck by the image of her blond head between Ellen’s legs lapping her sweet wet pussy while Ellen sucked Dean’s cock.

Well, my bawdy thoughts were soon diverted by a birthday song for the founder of the club, who got a special dessert of naked lady—the woman who had checked us in—with a selection of toppings. She stretched out on a table and he (and his wife) proceeded to top her with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, cherries…which he then licked from her tits, from her belly and thighs, from her hairless pussy. At one point a banana made an appearance and partial disappearance. He ate some of that, too. It was a lot of fun to watch, and the crowd cheered and laughed and egged them all on. You could feel the sense of happy raunchiness and easygoing fun that united the whole room—it was a great introduction to the honest and open sexy sociability that has made the club so popular and well-known in the lifestyle community.

After dessert, the music started and people headed out onto the dance floor. Lora and Dean are great dancers and had a lot of fun twirling and strutting their stuff, but I was struck by a younger couple who were moving in a strangely alluring way. The man was slim and bald and slightly stopped shouldered, at least when dancing, and he was running is hands all over his wife’s taut body, slowly hiking up the hem of her short tight dress and exposing her shapely ass and, as she turned, her shaved pussy. She had a pixy haircut and small firm tits and was very attractive, but moved in an unusual way. Ellen told me that they’d been at the Halloween party and she’d learned that they both had physical disabilities—she told me what they were—and then it made sense. And in a way, that knowledge made them even sexier. I really liked watching them. And it was very apparent that they liked being watched.

There were a few other couples that caught my eye, including a pretty young woman and her partner who was, well, kind of average looking, with a bit of a belly. But he had that same twinkle in his eye that I was seeing in so many faces around the room. And she had a Midwestern girl-next-door look, with a lovely fresh face and a shapely body. Young, but enticing. I didn’t say anything to Ellen—I was a bit unsure of how to broach that subject—but I hoped to see the couple later, even if it was to look and not touch.

Ellen and I danced a little, and, inspired by some of the other couples, I moved in close for a more sensual dance, but Ellen drew back and shook her head. She wasn’t ready for dirty dancing or PDAs, at least not yet. I was a little surprised, but then I have always been a freer spirit when dancing, and that’s never really worked for Ellen, who tends to be more reserved…which is kind of funny given her performance on the froggy chair the previous week. But we all have our contradictions and I know Ellen can be less inhibited with near strangers than with the people closest to her. So I backed off and we danced and people-watched and soon noticed more and more people heading upstairs to the play areas. Ellen suggested that we go change and settle into a hot tub. I liked that idea.

After disrobing and grabbing towels, we headed out to the hot tub and found it already occupied by three other couples. I sat next to a large man who had to be at least in his mid-seventies, and his partner was a heavy-set woman who was younger than Ellen, who is in her mid-forties. The other two couples were also well over sixty. We settled into the water and introduced ourselves and chatted for a while about where people lived, how often they came to the club; the usual light chitchat among naked strangers who would end up watching each other fuck, or even fuck each other. Indeed, we eventually saw each of them in some Kama Sutra variation and combination.

Ellen told me later that there was only one couple, across from us, who she might have been interested in, and they ended up next to us in the sleep room later on. He was a handsome older man, and she was a lively older woman, neither in great shape, but who is at their age? Hell, who is at our age? And that’s one of the things Ellen had told me to be prepared for—people in this lifestyle are farthest thing from a Hollywood version of beautiful people swingers. But regardless of body type, shape, size, or age, they all enjoyed sex with complete ease, and that made it more real and honest and relaxed. I liked that a lot. Perhaps I’ll be able to break through my society-encoded biases about what is sexy after all. I’d like to, which a step in the right direct, even if the programming is deeply engrained in the lizard brain.

We were joined by another couple who wanted to squeeze into the remaining space. Ellen moved closer to me and the woman settled in tightly next to her. It wasn’t long before Ellen said she was getting over heated and need to get out, and I was thinking the same. I also noticed a hand on Ellen’s knee that wasn’t hers or mine—the woman next to her was lightly caressing her, but it wasn’t welcome and actually was breaking one of the cardinal rules of the club—ask before you touch. So we got out and dried off and headed inside. After a pee break and quick shower to get rid of the chlorine smell of the hot tub, we went back to the sleeping room and Ellen donned her lingerie while I wrapped a towel around myself. I preferred to use a sarong or something else for walking around the play area, but had forgotten to bring anything so a spare towel would suffice. We needed the towel in the playroom anyway, since it was supposed to be under us to avoid a mess on the beds or cushions.

We walked through the lower area where the fire place and TV were. There was no one around except someone getting a massage—the real kind with an actual therapist who only played when she wasn’t working. So we headed up the stairs and walked around—there were at least a dozen couples engaged or watching from various beds and perches. We watched a little but Ellen suggested we settle into a an upper platform bed where we could watch the show around us, so we did. I found it to be stimulating and distracting at the same time. A woman somewhere was having very loud pleasure, what sounded like hiccups at one point. Across from us the couple who’d I watched on the dance floor were vigorously fucking on the froggy chair that Ellen had enjoyed, and it was amazing to watch him tirelessly thrusting into her and listen to her moans of pleasure—the two almost seemed to be performing.

I was ready for some fun, and started kissing and licking Ellen from the mouth to her neck and down her body. I was conscious that this was a typical path for me, and I didn’t want to fall into our usual pattern, so I tried to make some changes, asking her to lay on her belly so I could enjoy licking and massaging her beautiful ass. I sensed that Ellen was having trouble relaxing so I tried to go slow and easy. Soon I was between her lovely cheeks and teasing her pussy with my fingers. I gently touched her anus which she’s always liked but knew she wouldn’t want us to go too far there—she loves getting fucked in the ass but she hadn’t seen any anal sex at either club yet and didn’t want to be that adventuresome, at least not yet. So we repositioned so that I had better access to Ellen’s sweet honeypot.

My cock was stirring, as it usually does when I’m eating Ellen’s pussy. The taste and smell of a woman’s cunt is something I have loved since the first time I dipped a tentative finger into the tight virginal pussy of my first girlfriend when we were both fourteen. I dipped a finger into Ellen, then two, and wondered not for the first time how she would react if I gently kept adding more fingers until my entire hand slipped in past the knuckles and was inside her. I’ve never mentioned it to her, but I know she’s going to read this.

Ellen seemed to enjoy my fingers and tongue for a while, and I enjoyed being watched as other people walked slowly by and stopped to linger. It was definitely a turn on to be so exposed, but distracting too. One woman walked past a few times and seemed to be seeking an invitation but I didn’t know whether Ellen would be interested and wasn’t even sure I was ready for that.

After eating and finger fucking Ellen for a little while I could tell she was plateauing. She wasn’t going to catch fire and come yet, and sure enough, she signaled that she’d had enough for now. I moved up and we cuddled some and watched the couples around us. Phil and the woman he’d pursued had ended up in a nearby bed, and obviously had fun. But now he was hugging and comforting her as she seemed to be crying. I said something to Ellen and she said that maybe it was just too intense, and that’s how she reacts. It seemed to be a very tender moment between them, so I figured she was right.

By now my erection had dwindled, and Ellen needed to pee. There was a toilet nearby and since I couldn’t be left alone—unaccompanied men aren’t allowed in the play area—I had to either go with her or be handed over to another woman. The toilet was occupied but the pretty woman I’d seen earlier was sitting on the bench outside the toilet, and I asked if she would look after me while Ellen peed. She smiled and agreed. Her husband soon emerged and Ellen went in to pee while the three of us made small talk. I learned they were from Canada, and they seemed pleasant and maybe even a little interested, but soon Ellen was back and didn’t really engage so they strode away.

We settled back onto the bed and Ellen soon had my cock in her hand, gently stroking me. As I watched other couples, watched people walk by and glance at us there on the bed, and listened to a woman’s loud moans from somewhere nearby, I was a bit overwhelmed, and it wasn’t effecting me they way I’d expected. I was soft, and even Ellen’s gentle caresses weren’t doing it for me. We were both surprised to see that it wasn’t really working. I didn’t understand it at all—the sights and sounds were arousing, being watched was one of my fantasies, and watching others was, too. So what the hell?

We took a break. Ellen was thirsty and I wanted to try a little pharmacological help, which was a first for me. I’d brought along the Viagra I’d gotten months earlier and never used, and I downed a pill, hoping I wouldn’t be among the small percentage of men who have a bad reaction. My pride was a bit shaken but I tried to shrug it off—everything was so new and neither of us was all that relaxed.

We went down to get some juice from the self-serve fountain and settled at a table to watch the people out dancing. Vicky came by, the woman Ellen had met and played with a little last time. They chatted and Ellen introduced me, but Vicky didn’t seem at all interested in talking to me, which was odd. We also saw Lora and Dean, and they, too, never approached us even though Lora had certainly made eye contact with Ellen during the evening. Maybe everyone knew I was a newbie and wanted to be careful, or maybe this was just people’s quirks.

We also chatted with a flirtatious woman who we’d watch stripping on the dance floor earlier and seen fucking upstairs. She was attractive in a cute sort of way, but her young partner seemed totally absorbed and distant, so although she was interested in playing with us, we could tell it wasn’t his thing and we weren’t sure how to react. By now I was getting a nice tingling sensation in the groin that gave some hope of better things to come, and soon we were heading back up to the play area. We wandered around and watched for a little while, and then I was ready to settle down again. I saw an interesting couple in a lower bed fucking hard and long, and two beds side by side with the pretty young Canadian woman straddling her partner on one. The bed next to them was free and I decided I liked the location and the view. 

This time, my cock cooperated and Ellen was able to relax and we got in the groove, watching and being watched. I fucked Ellen from on top and then we switched and she took control and started moving and grinding and I looked over to see the pretty woman sucking her man’s cock and heard the other couple moaning as the man drove into his woman doggy style again and again with a slapping sound as his thighs smacked against her ass cheeks.  I craned my head back to watch them but was distract as I felt Ellen begin to tremble in that way that I know is a prelude to orgasm, and I saw the couple watching us and I looked over at the bed next to us and now he was fucking his pretty wife from behind and Ellen went over the top and came and we all watched as she bucked and trembled and it all began to blur together in a sensuous fog of moans and tits and cocks and slaps and gasps and Ellen was coming again and I lost track of time as I was churning and shaking and riding that wave that balances so keenly between intense pleasure and the point of no return and I rode it as Ellen rode me and I wondered whether I should hold off but I suddenly didn’t care and we both let it break over us as we came together long and hard.

It was one of the most intense experiences I have ever had. “We liked watching you” said the man who had been pile driving the woman in the lower bed. The couple beside us also seemed sated—I vaguely remembered gasps and moans emanating from their direction, too. We all chuckled and I felt a shared intimacy that was wonderful. At that point I would have loved to ask the pretty woman beside us if I could go down on her sweet pussy, but I just wasn’t able to think clearly and also wasn’t certain how Ellen would react. She told me later that she wasn’t interested in playing with him, which I guess I’d sensed. 

The moment passed. Ellen and I went off to shower and she said she was ready for bed. I wasn’t quite certain I was finished and she told me I didn’t need to come to bed if I didn’t want to, so I decided to settle onto the sofa near the stairs to the upper playroom and see what opportunities might arise since I couldn’t venture up alone.

But it was late and people seemed to be heading home. Lora and Dean had already departed, and I noticed the young Canadian couple showering and getting dressed—I was sad to see them go. I sat listening to the music for a while, enjoying the gas fireplace and trying to ignore the porn on the big TV—it seemed too crude compared to what I had just experienced.  A Springsteen song came on, and then Dust in the Wind, that mournful anthem from my youth, and I decided I was too tired anyway, it was time for bed, even though the tingle in my groin told me I could go another round.

I headed off to the sleeping room, which consisted of foam pads lined up with whatever sheets and blankets and pillows members brought themselves. We had forgotten sheets but had a cozy blank each. The attractive older couple from the hot tub had settled down next to us, and although he’d made eye contact with Ellen earlier suggesting we play, she’d not pursued it and now we were all tired. Besides, the sleeping rooms were only for sleeping. Another good rule.

I barely slept. Like Ellen’s earlier experiences, I was exhausted but so over stimulated I couldn’t drift off until very late, and even then it was just fitful dozing. At some point the couple next to us disappeared for a while and then came back—another round of play maybe? How do they do it, I wondered!

I drifted off again, and dozed until the barest of twilight glowed outside the windows, and Ellen stirred and so did the other couple and we all got up and headed to the showers and back to pack up. We chatted with them a bit, and I wondered what was going on upstairs, but I didn’t sense Ellen was interested. I was exhausted and hungry and wanting coffee. We wandered around downstairs—few people were stirring, and the staff weren’t around yet, which meant breakfast wouldn’t be served for hours. We decided not to wait, so pack up the car and headed into the city, where we found a delicious breakfast and strong coffee at a neighborhood café. We chatted there in public holding a precious secret of shared intimacy between us. I looked around the café and wondered who among us was also into open relationships and group sex and exhibitionism and voyeurism. The people in that café looked like a cross-section of society—just like the people at the club.

I’m glad we went together, and thinking about it I’m pretty impressed that Ellen and I fucked in the middle of a room with couples fucking around us and others watching and we came hard and long together. That was a huge step for us, and even if we didn’t play with others, it made the evening a milestone in our relationship. We both still have inhibitions around each other, and might have more fun alone—I know Ellen has thus far. But I also know that if we don’t share this together, we’ll miss the opportunity to deepen our understanding of each other, our communication, and our trust. Only by confront our hang-ups can we move beyond them.

We’ve agreed to go again, and only wish we didn’t have to wait nearly two months before we have the chance. But I’m traveling again, and Ellen has the boys and my brother is busy for now, so wait we will. But Ellen has already made a reservation for around New Years, which is another huge party, and I’m hoping we can get childcare so that we can go together. Ellen wants me to choose a man to fuck her while I watch, and I'd like to fuck her mouth at the same time. Ultimately I'd like to fuck her ass at the same time, and I know she wants that, too. But one step at a time.

You can read Ellen’s version of the evening on her blog –  Blissfully Open

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