Saturday, November 10, 2012

Orgasmic Halloween

"After dinner and the costume contest (amazing costumes!), I watched as R & N and a couple all began finger fucking and giving each other hand jobs at the dinner table..."

That's from Ellen's description of her Halloween party with hundreds of other lifestylers at an adult social club in our area.

Ellen had asked to go even though I was to arrive home the day before the party after two long months away. She'd been invited by Kelly and really wanted to experience the club, which is famous in the sex-positive, open relationships lifestyle community, and the Halloween party was one of the biggest events of the year. We both knew I would be too jetlagged to go, and after her first experience, I knew Ellen was itching to go out again without me. Besides, we'd had a very satisfying fuck the night I got home--our first since we'd started down this road.

The evening I arrived home from Africa, Ellen had modeled her sexy cop uniform--the only thing she could find locally that fit her well--as well as her new club wear, lingerie and fuck-me-boots, and she certainly looked hot. I'd teased her about the sexy cop idea when she first told me about it, but the costumes we'd looked at together online during an earlier Skype hadn't arrived in time for the party, so she was stuck with what could be found nearby. Well, once I saw her in the outfit, with fishnet stockings and fuck-me-boots and her ass cheeks peeking out from under the flared skirt, I ate crow and wanted to eat her, too (which I got to do later--yum). I had no doubt she was going to have fun at the party, and even though I was envious that she'd get to go before me, I was happy to see her excitement and eagerness. It also made for great foreplay, and I was soon on her with more energy than either of us expected after the long trip and little sleep.

The next day, Ellen was planning to leave before noon to run some errands and then meet up with Kelly and two other women that Kelly was introducing to the club, and together they would drive the few hours to the party. I helped Ellen take her bags to the car, and felt the strangeness of the situation. So did Ellen, who was obviously nervous about leaving me--this was the first time she'd had to face me and say goodbye with the intent of going off to fuck other people! I hugged her and we kissed and I told her to have fun, but I too felt odd, and a little ambivalent--it was a very novel situation for us both.

I spent the day catching up with my sons and resting, cooked a nice dinner and read a long delayed bedtime story, then got the boys in bed and headed to bed myself, trying to picture what Ellen was doing. I was too exhausted to think about it much, and slept like a baby.

Early the next morning--it was probably around four o'clock--I was wide awake and wondering whether Ellen would still be up, still be playing. I didn't expect to hear from her anytime soon--she'd said she would be home in the afternoon, and cell phones weren't allowed in the club for privacy reasons. Still, I couldn't help checking messages just in case, which had become a habit every morning when I was away. Nothing.

The morning passed quickly. I took the dog on a long walk before the boys were awake, and then after breakfast we all went on a bike ride (them) and run (me and the dog) together. I took care of a few honey-do chores that had been awaiting my arrival, we had lunch, and all the while I wondered whether Ellen was awake yet, whether she'd fucked again in the morning. I knew from her previous time that if she'd had fun the night before that she'd be tired but horny again in the morning, and since the party didn't end until 11 in the morning--they served breakfast--there would certainly be an opportunity. I wasn't sure how I felt about the idea of seeing Ellen just hours after she'd been fucked. Kind of a turn on, but plenty of ambivalence, too.

Well, she called around two o'clock. She was about an hour away and wanted to know if she should pick up anything on the way home. She sounded tired but energized and happy. I could tell she'd had fun, and told her to come on home--I was eager to see her and hear about her experience.

When Ellen pulled up in the driveway the boys and dog ran out to meet her. I finished up the chore I'd been working on and went out, too. With kids around, we couldn't say much, and there was a hesitancy for both of us. But we helped her with her bags and all went into the house, where we all chatted while Ellen unpacked. The boys knew she'd been to a costume party and didn't seem interested in much more. They don't really understand Ellen's new interest in skimpy dresses and high-heeled shoes--she's always worn comfortable casual clothes and shoes when not working, and even her business attire emphasized comfort. But girl things just aren't very interesting to them yet--that's still a few years away. They have wondered a bit about this new idea of Mommy going away for the night, but we have both assured them that it's okay--mommies need to escape once in a while and have fun with other adults, especially when daddies are away a lot. We just don't define our version of fun. But we both know that someday we'll be faced with a lot more questions--our younger son is very insightful and misses very little.

After a while, the boys went off to play and we were alone. We sat on the bed as Ellen described the car trip with the other women, the club, the costumes, all of the people--there were over 500 at the party! She told me that after orientation and dinner and the costume competition--all of which she relished--people started disappearing into the play areas. She told me that when she arrived and went to change into her costume in the sleeping room, she saw Ron and Nora, one of the couples she had met and fucked the previous time, but neither seemed to recognize her! At least not until she'd undressed down to her sexy bra and panties, at which point Ron (the well-endowed older man with the bag of toys she'd particularly enjoyed that first time a few weeks before) who was standing very close already, looked at her and said "I remember that bra!"

After dinner, as people began disappearing, Ellen and another single woman named Vicky sat chatting. Vicky had been introduced to Ellen by Kelly as someone who had met Bill before, and both were interested in fucking each other but hadn't had the chance yet. So Ellen and Vicky both had that in common, but Ellen thought it very strange that Kelly--Bill's wife--was the one making the introductions! Ellen and Vicky ended up dancing and after a while decided that, since they were both bi-curious, they'd go up and play with each other. But after some kisses and licks and nibbles and caresses, they both decided it wasn't really working--neither was very responsive to the other, and Ellen told me that after her first encounter with Nora and another woman during her five-some previously, and now Vicky, she began wondering if the whole bisexual thing just wasn't for her. She would soon find out.

Eventually Ellen went up to the sleeping room to change out of her costume and into lingerie she likes to wear when walking around in the play area. She began exploring and found the mass of bodies and the lines of naked people waiting to find room to play a fascination. Enjoying her voyeurism, she watched for a while, especially a white woman being fucked a very long time by a series of black men as her husband watched, and another mass of people centered on a group of black men. They interested her and she said that one reminded her of a boyfriend she'd had in college. They stood out because there just wasn't much ethnic diversity in the crowd. One of the men caught her eye invitingly but the mass of people was too daunting and Ellen didn't know how or where to get involved. Fortunately she didn't have to wait long to figure it out.

As Ellen was wandering around the crowded play area, she felt a stroke on her thigh and turned to see a beautiful woman looking up at her with an inviting expression from the curtained cubicle Ellen was walking past. She'd noticed the woman and her husband fucking before and now was invited to join them--she learned later that they rarely played with other people. But the woman was gorgeous and Ellen was more than happy to join them. The woman helped Ellen out of her corset and panties. Ellen wrote later, "She was absolutely hot. No question about it. I found her to be very desirable..." This time, Ellen's bi-curiosity was rewarded as they kissed and caressed each other--Ellen really enjoyed kissing her and sucking her tits--and the woman went down on her.

At this point in Ellen's tale I really wanted details, and asked for more but Ellen bristled a bit and told me she felt like she was being interrogated. I felt snubbed, which hurt a little, and it was an uncomfortable moment when our reactions could have derailed the whole thing. I really wanted the details because that's the only way I can participate in her experience when we aren't together. Ellen had said before that she didn't think she'd want to know details if I played with others, but I had explained that details were what made it exciting for me.

Anyway, I tried to see it from her perspective--this conversation was not easy for her to have face-to-face. The last time, we were 9,000 miles apart and on Skype, but without the video since the connection wasn't good. She'd never had to look me in the eye and describe her fucking other people. So I backed off.

After the tense moment passed, Ellen continued her story. While Ellen was enjoying the woman eating her pussy, the man asked Ellen if she wanted to suck his cock, which she did. Soon, he asked to fuck her, and Ellen agreed with the condition that he wear a condom (one of our agreed rules), while the woman sucked Ellen's tits before disappearing to go pee. This nonplussed the man--his wife had never left him alone during play before--but he continued fucking Ellen to an orgasm for them both.

During her time playing in the threesome, Ellen said she clearly remembered being watched by others, and the mesmerized look on the face of a woman who watched for a while, and she found that she liked being watched. Afterward, Ellen and the couple chatted for a while and they helped her get dressed back into her corset with its many hooks up the back, and then Ellen excused herself to go pee and catch a little alone time--it was intense for her and she needed space.

After I left to return to Africa, Ellen wrote up her whole story of the night, and of this couple she said "Fucking him was good...but she was fucking awesome to be able to touch and kiss. I did not go down on her but that was as close as I have ever been to being interested in giving it a try."

I find that to be an incredibly hot thing to read, but this is the typical male fantasy--two beautiful women eating each other, and one of them my own wife!

Eventually, Ellen wandered out again, getting a snack, chatting with others, dancing a bit, and returning to watch the play some more. She found herself with Ron and Nora at the top of the stairs to the upper play area. They were also taking a break and watching, but Ron got very close to Ellen and soon she was leaning into him and his hands were roaming and they were kissing and she was being finger fucked at the top of the stairs with people passing all around her. Ron asked if she wanted to fuck and she replied with a husky "yes." They found a special "froggy chair" amidst mattresses with three other couples looking on, and at Ron's prompting Ellen decided to try it out. Once her panties were off and she was on the chair laying back with her legs wide open, Ron continued to fuck her with his fingers with lots of people looking on. She took Ron's cock in hand and stroked him hard, and then Ron started fucking her with a large audience. I said before that Ron is well endowed, and Ellen tells me that he has a strong reputation among the women as a really good fuck. He also has a bag of toys, and he offered to use a clit vibrator but Ellen declined--she's always been very into penetration, and he was filling her up and hitting all the right spots. "I could feel that I was headed on the right trajectory toward an amazing orgasm," she wrote me later, "so I just wanted to be fucked more and more.  Soon it started and I had a really great-prolonged orgasm that led to Ron having an orgasm, as well."

She said she was very shaky climbing down from the chair, and ready for another break and bed. Ron and Nora, who had just shown up from her own playtime, went off to bed and Ellen went to get a drink of juice before retiring. She passed by a man named Phil who she'd met earlier during dinner and liked, and he asked if she wanted to play. Although Phil was an interesting prospect--physically very different from most men, but a tempting fantasy--she declined. Ellen had had enough for the night.

Like her first time, Ellen didn't sleep well. Early in the morning she showered and dressed and walked around the grounds waiting for others to wake up, waiting for breakfast. Some people went off to play again, and Ellen considered it but isn't really a morning person. After breakfast, she and Kelly and the other ladies headed home to Kelly's house. Ron and Nora followed, so that Nora could borrow some of Kelly's clothes for another event. At Kelly's house, Ellen was surprised to find Ron getting close again, and she was tempted to enjoy his cock again--it was clear that Nora and Kelly wouldn't mind--but decided to head home instead. She said that as she was driving, she began regretting having passed up the opportunity to "take advantage of that cock again."

Well, later that evening once the boys were in bed, Ellen got another fuck, this time from me. We were both well primed even though she was exhausted from the night before and I had pulled a muscle in my back. I love to finger fuck and Ellen was ready for that, too, and came quickly, then at my request (because of my back) Ellen climbed on top of me and my cock was soon buried happily in her wet pussy. This is a position I have always loved but that Ellen doesn't necessarily prefer--she likes the feeling of a man on top of her. Still, she enjoys the control it gives her and she came a few times, thrusting and grinding away with me deep inside her. That feeling for me is amazing--her grinding my cock, coming and twitching while I get to watch her whole body buck and tremble. And soon we were coming together. It felt really good, and helped us reconnect.

The whole story of Ellen's experience was exciting and, yes, a little disturbing. I was still getting that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling listening to her description of other men fucking her, but on the whole it was a huge turn-on. I was ambivalent about the idea of Ellen fucking someone that morning and was in some ways relieved that she hadn't while also a little disappointed that she'd passed up the opportunity. It's a strange thing, holding two competing emotions at the same time. And I'm excited by the idea that Ellen could have so much fun fucking Ron and enjoying his big talented cock, while at the same time wishing I had both the size and the staying power he apparently has. Ron is a good 10-15 years older than me, but doesn't seem to suffer from the effects of age in the cock department. Maybe it's the fact that he's kept exercising the relevant muscles and mindset for many years, whereas for me, it's been a long period of less and less interest and least until very recently. The old use-it-or-loose-it problem.

When I was younger I could go for a long time, staying hard and holding my orgasm until I was ready to come. I can still hold my orgasm--if anything it takes some concentration on my part before I can get to the point of no return. I've been able to experience multiple dry orgasms recently when I masturbate, which is a lot of fun. But the cooperation of my cock and the longevity of my erection is where the uncertainty lies, even when I masturbate at times. And that is a source of some anxiety--if and when I do end up with another woman in my arms, will I be able to perform? I love to eat and finger fuck women to orgasm, and have satisfied Ellen and previous girl friends that way, but Ellen really likes penetration and that's also the case with many other women. I want to do that, too, and do it well. And most of all I want to be a good lover to Ellen when we are playing together.

On the whole, I'm happy with our choice so far. Ellen is getting fucked and satisfied in ways she hasn't in many years. My interest in making love to Ellen and in sex in general has certainly been rekindled and burns brightly. I enjoy the stories Ellen shares of her experiences, and am eager for more. But I am also confronted with my own limits, and grapple with envy--of Ellen's ability to get involved easily (she is a beautiful woman), and of the men like Ron who are able to satisfy her in ways I may not. I have little doubt that Ellen will eventually fuck some or all of the black men she saw at the club--she is clearly interested and they were clearly willing and able, but were otherwise engaged. That forces me to confront other issues that I've always felt I was above--why do we even say "black" men, anyway? Perhaps because it's another old social taboo. Again I find the idea both exciting and discomfiting, and can only assume that I still harbor cultural hang-ups which I had assumed I was above. But if this lifestyle we are exploring has taught me anything, it's that we can only get over our hang-ups by confronting them without fear, and that I am happy to do.

We have already learned so much about ourselves and each other, and the benefits have been huge. We talk about our relationship and our sex life so much more, and more freely, than ever before. The trust we have in each other is the foundation, as it must be, and we are testing its strength and finding it durable so far. Yes, there are times when we both struggle with our feelings, but that's all part of the growth. And to be honest, I do at times feel like we are dancing on a tightrope without a net and struggling to stay balanced in a blustery wind. But the wind feels fresh and the balance is good practice and the dance is fun.

I've had a couple weeks to mull this over, including Ellen's email with all the great details, which I read sitting in an airport terminal waiting to board my plane back to Africa. Next to me was a grandmother, and across the way a family, and I was surround by hundreds of other people as I read the most intimate details of my wife fucking other people. And it was fun! I loved the secret feeling, but also looking up and wondering who around me was also into this lifestyle--the young couple going on safari? The business woman typing on her laptop? The granny in the seat next to me?

Two days before I left, we went back to the club together and I was able to meet some of the people Ellen had told me about, including Vicky and Phil. Ellen pointed out the sexy woman and her husband that she had played with during the Halloween party, but unfortunately they didn't approach us. Everyone looked so normal...if you ignored what they were or weren't wearing. And the atmosphere was so open and honest.

Being there together for the first time was fun and liberating and again a little troubling for us both, but that's a story for the next posting.

You can read Ellen’s version of the Halloween party on her blog –  Blissfully Open

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