Saturday, June 15, 2013

April 20th: Sexy Corsets, Swapping Couples, Bi-wives

Soon after our rip-roaring fun at Gang Bang night, Ellen and I went to our other “local” club a few hours to the north for Corset night. We stopped off at a couple of sex stores along with way looking for a skirt to complement Ellen’s sexy satin corset, which she looks great in, and found lacy panty shorts with a velvet tie in front and a seam up the back. They just barely covered her ass cheeks and would complement the corset perfectly—her ass looked awesome and her lightly furred pube and lovely labia were hinted at behind the lace and velvet bow. Seeing her in the fitting room sent a thrill to my cock, which stiffened at the sight and in anticipation of her walk around the club in such a sexy outfit.
We arrived and changed and once I’d helped lacy up Ellen’s tight corset and she pulled on her new panties, she looked great (you can check out a photo of her from behind here)! We set out to mingle and enjoy the lascivious looks Ellen was getting, even though usual crowd was pretty thin. We learned that that a large group had gone off to a lifestyle resort together, which is something we are both keen to try. So the atmosphere was low key, but we still saw a number of people we come across in the past, and chatted away through cocktails and dinner. Ellen competed in the corset and sexy shoes competition, which was a first for her. She isn’t very comfortable in the limelight, but has been discovering a real pleasure in exhibitionism. So she threw caution to the wind and strut her stuff after team up with another woman, playing it up in a fun, coy way with Phil the judge, with whom she’d played in the past. But Phil wouldn’t be so easily swayed (the winners were judged based on volume of applause) and the competition was pretty stiff (as were the men in the audience) and Ellen didn’t make it to the finals. But the mere fact she’d stepped out was an achievement!
Afterward, the music started and people danced, but the music selection was not really to our liking and the vibe was pretty low key. Neither of us felt particularly inspired that evening, which was unusual. We danced some, watched others dance, chitchatted with a few people, but there was no real spark happening.
Ellen headed off to the bathroom and when she returned I had just decided to go talk to a man standing at a table drinking wine, who I thought looked open to conversation. I introduced myself and Ellen, and he was very welcoming, giving Ellen an appreciative twice over and shaking my hand with a warm smile. Medium height, thickset but fit, and in his mid-forties with a shaved head and trim goatee, Ken was an attractive man whom I had noticed with a very pretty wife earlier. As we chatted, it quickly became evident that he and I had a lot in common, not least being that our wives had gotten us involved in the lifestyle and that we both struggled with it sometimes. Pretty soon, I noticed his beautiful wife walk up with a big smile on her face as she took in the scene, but especially as she took in Ellen in her sexy corset! It turned out that Kathy is very into women, as well as swapping, and as Ken and I talked away, Ellen and Kathy started getting to know each other.
It is rare for me to meet men with whom I can so easily talk. I’m not into sports or a lot of other typical guy things, so casual conversations with other men are often a bit forced. But Ken and I had many things in common in terms of work and interests, so our conversation ranged wide and we unintentionally left Kathy and Ellen out. It isn’t often I click with another guy on a friendship level. It wasn’t at all sexual between him and me, but it was a real connection nonetheless. At one point I noticed Ellen and Kathy were out on the dance floor being very flirty with each other and eying Ken and me with some amusement, but I was too intent on whatever he and I were talking about to really give it much thought.
Kathy intervened when a favorite song came on, and she pulled Ken out to the dance floor. Ellen and I both confirmed what we thought each other was thinking—this could be really fun for the night and beyond. I had always hoped to find a sexy couple that we could both connect with, but as Ellen had warned me, it’s rare to find that kind of four-way chemistry. We both were thinking, “Eureka!”
After the song was over, they returned to the table and Ken and I picked up where we’d left off. But Ellen and Kathy clearly had plans and were quickly getting to know each other on a more intimate level. Out of the corner of my eye I caught them in a very hot, intense kiss. It was certainly an effective distraction! I looked at Ken and he smiled. It was obvious they were looking to divert our attention, and it was working.
At some point, Kathy went for more drinks, including Jell-O Shooters. I went easy but could see Ellen was partaking more than usual, maybe in anticipation of easing her inhibitions to play with Kathy. We switched around the table so that Kathy and I could talk, and Ellen and Ken could talk, and we all could connect together. Kathy is shorter than Ellen but fit and trim and very pretty, with auburn hair and dancing eyes, nice natural tits that just filled her tight corset, a tight ass and firm legs that looked really great in her garters and stockings. I love garters and stockings!
Kathy and Ken had been involved in the lifestyle for years, and had even been in a triad with a girlfriend for a while, but hadn’t really been to clubs for a few years. They were the first couple Ellen and I met who really interested us both, and who genuinely seemed to reciprocate. And it was obvious Ellen was attracted to Kathy, affording her a ripe opportunity to further explore her bi-comfort.
It wasn’t long before we all decided to move upstairs and get naked together.
There was already a lot of action for such a limited crowd, and not many places were open. Ellen suggested that the Froggy chair might be fun for us all and gave it her ringing endorsement, but surprising Kathy wanted a more private play place. So we found a cozy enclosed area that afforded some degree of privacy and, being the size of a double bed, a great deal of close intimacy. Kathy had brought along a ditty bag full of toys, and I learned that she and I share an appreciation for a bit of SM as she pulled out a small leather flog that was very similar to the one Ellen and I had recently played with together. She said that Ken wasn’t really into flogging her, and I told her I’d be happy to as long as it was reciprocated, but we never managed to get around to it. At least, not yet.
Kathy and Ellen were keen to get to know each other physically, and for a little while they kissed and caressed each other while Ken and I watched from opposite ends of the bed. Pretty soon, we changed around and I went down on Kathy and lavished attention on her lovely bald pussy with both tongue and fingers. She tasted wonderfully, and was very vocal in her appreciation, particularly when I took her clit gently between my teeth and applied just a bit of pressure—she was definitely into a mixture of pleasure and pain. Meanwhile, Ken had his head planted between Ellen’s enthusiastic thighs, to her audible delight.
Pretty soon we made another change. Kathy went down on Ellen, which got me rock hard; I love watching sexy women play together, and even better is getting to watch Ellen with a woman’s head between her legs. There was little doubt that Kathy was very skilled in oral sex and finger fucking, and she soon brought Ellen to a series of orgasms. By now, I’d checked in with Ken—it was really just a raised eye brow as I donned a condom—and with his nod of approval, I moved behind Kathy and thrust my cock into her pussy as Ellen moved over and took Ken’s cock into her mouth. Kathy’s pussy was delightfully tight and responsive, and we fucked vigorously and loudly while Ken and Ellen repositioned so that he could give Ellen what she most loves, and hard, pounding fuck that brought moans of pure delight from Ellen. At one point I looked around and realized we’d attracted a group of onlookers enjoying the spectacle, which made the shared passion all the more fun.
After both Kathy and Ellen had come to a series of raucous orgasms, we took a short break to catch our breaths and revel in the carnal joy, and then Ellen moved on top of Ellen and started sucking her tits, thrusting her ass out for all of the onlookers to see. Kathy asked if Ellen wanted to try going down on her. Ellen was interested but said she wasn’t certain she was ready to try that. By now, Ken had moved behind Ellen and started fucking her from behind while Kathy and Ellen kissed and Kathy sucked Ellen’s tits and I sat back enjoying the show as Ellen came over and over again in a series of intense orgasms. That got me ready for more.
We all swapped back and I drove into Ellen’s eager pussy, bringing her to another series of orgasms—once she gets going, she can keep climaxing seemingly forever, the lucky woman! Kathy was enjoying similar attention from Ken. It was intensely sexy and fun sharing such intimacy within a foursome. But after a while, I was ready for a break—I had a charley horse in my calf that was distracting me and throwing off my rhythm, which I have found isn’t unusual. Ken and Kathy were also slowing down.
And then Kathy asked if we wanted to try a DP. Ellen asked for some clarification; exactly where was the double penetration (since we’d both experienced vaginal oral DP). Kathy clarified. She wanted a cock in her pussy and another in her ass.
Fuck yes! This was something I’d fantasized about for years, a fantasy that Ellen and I had shared together during numerous lovemaking sessions. We had often simulated DP, filling Ellen’s pussy with a dildo or large Chinese Baoding balls (which are an amazing and musical alternative to Ben Wa balls) while I fucked her ass. So I knew this was something Ellen was keen to try but I also knew it would need to be the right time, the right couple, and the right place, and she’d been clear that this club might not be the place; the sex was usually pretty conventional and she’d never seen any anal play there before. Ellen declined, saying that while it was certainly in her “bucket list,” that she wasn’t ready for it yet. But she looked encouragingly at me. I said I was very willing, that I’d love to do a double penetration with Ken and Kathy.
Unfortunately, as willing as the spirit was, tonight the body had other plans.  I could not believe it—here was my chance for a double penetration with an amazingly sexy woman and her very sexy husband, under the eye of my own sexy wife, and I wasn’t able to take advantage of the opportunity! With a sigh and a shrug, I assure Kathy that I was very interested and not to draw any conclusions by my physical state, and she was good natured about it. Then someone suggested that we take a break and partake in the midnight buffet.
We all collected our assorted paraphernalia and headed to get changed, meeting up by a cozy fireplace after getting some snacks and food. Ken and Kathy had changed into their street clothes, since they weren’t spending the night—they lived about half an hour away. After a little while I could see that fatigue was setting in for us all and that another round wasn’t in the cards. We chatted languidly by the warm fire, assuring each other that we should get together again, and exchanged contact information. I said I hoped that next time we would fulfill our missed double penetration session, and we all parted with kisses and very fond farewells. Ellen and I hoped we would see more of them, and soon.

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