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July 24: Another Striptease Win and Orgasmic Booty

I was looking forward to this night. Not only was it a striptease competition again (I planned to compete) but I'd let Mona know I was going to the club and she'd told me she would be there, too. I sensed a nice chemistry developing between us, and it was comfortable knowing I wouldn't be single; we sort of agreed to be each other's date.

The day hadn't been a particularly sexy prelude to the evening; I had a dental cleaning involving digging behind the gums, and didn't take any anesthesia because I didn't want a numb mouth for the evening. I'd also had my eye exam, and that included drops that dilate the pupils for a few hours and make your eyes very sensitive to light. But I'd gotten through it all and arrived at the club just in time to say hello to some sexy new friends and head up to the locker room to stash my bag and change my clothes.

Mona walked into the locker room chatting with another woman, and for a moment I felt like a tongue-tied teenager. She looked hot, and radiated sensuousness as we hugged and kissed deeply. This was a situation I hadn't experienced in a long time; seeing a woman with whom I'd been intimate, and with whom I'd set up a second date, but not being sure what the parameters were. Especially since I wasn't in it for commitment. I'd never had a Fuck Buddy or Friend with Benefits before, although I could have if I hadn't been so naive and hell-bent on finding my soul mate in my younger days. What a fool I'd been; there were plenty of sexy women I'd known and wanted, and who'd been interested in me, but who weren't looking for a committed, monogamous relationship.

Mona and I wandered down to the dining area and got drinks at the bar, chatting together about the coming striptease, and I urged Mona to sign up for the competition. As Rhonda, the big sexy cohost of the competition came around with the clip-board and sign-up sheet, she eyed me and, recalling my first striptease, pretty much insisted that I put my name on this list; she needed a compete. I played hard to get for a moment before relenting and telling her my preferred song; Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy, which I thought had just the right mix of fun, sexiness, and irony.

Then I turned to Mona with a wry smile and an I-dare-you look. "I'll cheer you on," I told her. She was tempted, but she wanted a particular song. So I checked in with the DJ and arranged for it to be downloaded, and Mona sashayed across the dance floor to the DJ's table where Rhonda had the clip-board. As Mona bent over to sign up, I took the opportunity to support her from the rear, enjoying the very public act of exploring her bare ass beneath her skirt. She pushed back encouragingly against my hands as I kneaded her cheeks and gently teased her pussy. I knew this was going to be a fun evening.

Mona decided she needed to change into appropriate stripping attire, and we headed up to the locker room where she changed into a silky slinky leopard-print robe that just barely covered her ass. That was it—she was naked underneath. To my delight and her's, she no longer needed to wear her sports bra, and had only tape on her tits where she'd had the breast lift. Her nipples were now fair game, and I took full advantage of that over the course of the evening.

Dinner was soon served and we sat with Sara and an older couple. The pole had been erected in the center of the dance floor, and there were a lot of new people and a sexy energy. Soon it was time for the striptease competition. The new rules were announced, with actual judges and scoresheets rather than the audience applause of previous competitions. And to my chagrin I was the first one called, and the only man to be competing! No time to psych myself up and get in the mood, so I took a deep breath and stood up as the first beats of my song throbbed from the speakers.

I had fun, as usual. I toyed with different people in the audience, had women and men strip shoes and socks from me while draping a foot or leg over a shoulder, or on a lap. I wiggled my ass, spun around the pole, strutted and danced like a bad Mick Jagger imitator and generally got people laughing. To my amazement I was still mostly dressed when the music ended—I had my pants mostly and shirt unbuttoned, but still I got applause. Well, I thought, so much for winning that one.

A few other women took their turns, some fun, some sensuous, all courageous. While we watched, I played with Mona's nipples as she sat in front of me, getting hot and bothered; she has very sensitive nipples and I could see her breathing heavily, trembling and getting very worked up as she leaned languidly back against me.

When it was Mona's turn, she did a great performance to the tune of I wanna be loved by you sung by Marilyn Monroe. She showed her pole dancing and belly dancing moves gained from classes she attends, teased with flashes of skin without ever really disrobing, and held the gaze of many men and women in the audience.

The final competitors were Dana and Ruby, the two sexy ladies of the Triad with whom I'd had fun flirting over the months. They needed two volunteer men, or victims as they joked, to help them in their performance. So naturally I volunteered, along with the guy who'd competed with me back in December. We were seated on chairs with our backs to each other, a woman in front of each of us. Then the music started—their song was Do you take it in the Ass and they soon revealed thin strap-on dildos in harnesses hidden beneath their skirts! That got a roar of laughter from the audience and from me. Far from being discomfited, I thought it was brilliant and so I played it to the hilt, mugging indecision and tentative interest, touching the dildo as the beautiful raven-haired Dana ground her hips in my face, at one point bending over so that she could thrust between my legs. She was having a blast as we played off of each other, and so was I. By the time the song ended, Ruby had had a turn “abusing” me and I got big appreciative kisses from them both. Little did they know that those thin little dildos and the concept of pegging did intrigue me just a bit.

Well, the judges added up their scores and handed them in to Linda the sexy MC and all around entertainment harpy, who announced that, against all odds and to my surprise given the competition, I was the winner. Again. I actually felt a bit guilty, since Mona had done great and Dana and Ruby had certainly beat me in the entertainment, at least in my opinion. Still, I took a bow and accepted the price money, and returned to the conquering hero's reward of a sloppy wet kiss from Mona, which was only a down payment as it turned out.

The competition was followed by a performance from a professional male stripper who put my shenanigans in perspective—he was sexier and funnier than I was, and had lots of pull-off clothes and funny props. Then the dancing began and Mona and I took to the dance floor to see what our combined groove might be like—it was good! She's a free style dancer completely at ease with getting down and dirty with a partner, and I was eager to see how far she was willing to go. I teased her, held her, played with her tits, squeezed her ass, turned her around and ground myself against her ass, all to the hot beat of the dance tunes. At one point my hand was between her legs stroking her pussy and easing a finger, then another into her wet pussy, and as I held her close and finger-fucked her she groaned and shook and came right there in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by dancing onlookers and not a few envious looks. I then reached up and took her nipples in hand and mouth and sucked her to another orgasm—an nipple-gasm. Mona is only the second woman I've ever known who can come with nipple stimulation alone.

Eventual we were ready to take a break from dancing, and we headed off to the hot tub to relax a bit. We chatted with others in the tub, including a guy who asked a big woman with large bobbing tits “do those things float?” which got everyone laughing. But there was also action under water as I finger-fucked Mona and played with her nipples and she stroked my hard cock.

Soon enough, we were ready to go up and play for real. We looked around the play area and headed into the mirror room where two other couples was quietly fucking separately. We started kissing and I fingered Mona while she stroked me, then I suggested we move to the froggy chair in the psychedelic day-glow room, which I'd been keen to try out again. There I donned a condom and we had an extended fuck and Mona came over and over again, sometimes with me thrusting, sometimes with me twisting and sucking her nipples, sometimes with me simply still and deep inside her while she ground against me; she said my cock hit just the right sweet-spot deep within her pussy. I really liked the froggy chair, and Mona, who had never tried it before, definitely liked it, too. The position, the leverage, and the angle really was perfect for long hard fucking.

At one point I added a vibrating cock-ring, which took Mona by surprise. She seemed to enjoy the sensation on her clit when I was deep inside her, but I could tell she wasn't all that enthusiastic. I later learned that she isn't really into toys. After a little while, I took it off and plunged back into her, gripping her thighs and her tits as as she pushed up against my thrusting. I was amazed that I was still erect f after so long and so much thrusting and realized that Mona's enthusiasm was a huge factor--it was a virtuous circle of lust.

Mona's noisy orgasms seemed to set up a chain reaction around the play areas as waves of moans and gasps of orgasmic women echoed through the interconnected rooms. I'd never felt so connected to so many people in such an intimate way.

After fucking nonstop for over an hour, Mona announced that she wanted to suck my cock, and I was more than happy to lay back and enjoy. It was long and sweet and Mona stroked and licked and sucked me for an amazingly long time, bringing herself to orgasm without my touching her. At times I did stroke and finger-fuck her, and at one point shifted into a sixty-nine and sucked her to more orgasms, all the while she was still making love to my cock with her lovely mouth. Finally, and with my own cacophony of moans, I came hard and long and deep in her mouth. To my surprise she eagerly swallowed and moaned in pleasure.

To the victor go the rewards,” I heard someone call out to us, referring to my earlier win in the striptease and the apparent prize I'd just collected. We giggled appreciatively. In the afterglow, we chatted contentedly as we caressed each other. There was a certain chemistry between us, we both acknowledged, and we agreed to look for other opportunities to get together.

All too soon it was time to leave—we didn't want to risk getting shut in again, and I had a long drive home. Mona only lived ten minutes from the club, and I envied her the short drive. We took a quick, soapy gropey shower together, dressed, and walked out to her car, where we we kissed goodnight.

On the drive home, I reflected again on my good fortune in meeting Mona. Here was a sexy, sensuous woman who was not just eager to play, but also willing to try new things. She was as much an exhibitionist as I'd discovered I was, and she was as attentive to my pleasure and enjoyment as I was to hers. I also felt a renewed sense of myself as a lover, a new confidence that I had been struggling to recover. My long trip home gave me the time to reflect on the evening, and I looked forward to sharing the details with Ellen in the morning.

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