Monday, November 25, 2013

August 17: Hot and Bothered at the Raunchy Motel

Ellen and I had had a rough week and at the last minute I canceled my Wednesday night Air Sex date with Mona at the club up north because Ellen and I weren’t in a good place. We were planning to go out together on Saturday night to the club and try to reconnect, but unfortunately Ellen was not feeling up to it on Friday. She suggested that I go out alone, perhaps to the club down south since I’d have an easier time as a single male there. I agreed, not without some mixed feelings.

On Friday, I sent Mona a text letting her know my plans on the off chance that she might be interested in meeting up at the club. She was at a music festival at a nudist resort in the mountains a few hours away from there for the weekend. To my surprise and relief (after canceling our earlier date at short nortice), Mona responded with enthusiasm, and we made plans to meet up at the club, which she’d not been to before.

That day on the drive down, I took a break at a rest stop and texted Mona, letting her know that I was on the way and that I planned to stay the night at a funky motel; the same one Ellen normally stayed at and played at with Ron and Nora after visits to the club. Ellen and I had stayed there together once before, too, after our gang bang back in March. I asked Mona if she wanted to meet up for dinner, or at the club, or at the motel and head to the club together, and she opted out of dinner but said she’d meet me at the motel. She also inquired about the club’s dress code, since it was more of a night club than the one we normally met at. I assured her that anything she wore would be sexy and appropriate for the club.

I grabbed a quick bite to eat at a local joint near the motel, then checked in, texted Mona the room number, and stretched out on the bed for a catnap after the long drive down; I figured it would be a late night. Mona arrived about an hour later, knocking gently on the door. I opened it to find Mona wearing a sexy come-hither grin and a white summer skirt and halter. We kissed deeply and held each other tightly as my hands roamed and discovered that she was wearing no panties, and then I pulled her in and closed the door. She looked great, but she was nervous about going to a new club not looking her best—the outfit she had was more summer picnic than sexy sophisticated night club. I assured her it didn’t matter, but as we got more and more distracted with each other, Mona suggested that we just stay in and take advantage of the bed and the privacy, and save a few bucks in cover charge.

Well, I’d been keen to explore the club with Mona, and the suggestion to stay in sort of threw me. Ellen expected that we would go to the club, and probably meet up with Ron and Nora, who were almost always there on weekends unless they went to the club up north. At the same time, I considered Mona’s hesitation about how she looked and knew from Ellen that women like to feel confident when they go out for the night. Then there was the fact that Ellen herself had played with Ron (along with Nora, since they always went out together) on numerous occasions at the same motel; post club and morning sex was all part of her weekend fun. And the fact that I’d already paid for the room and wouldn’t have to pay my cover charge at the club, saving a few bucks. And besides, what did it matter where we fucked? I heard Ellen’s rationalizations about motel sex the first time with Ron and Nora, which hadn’t really set well with me. I recalled her comments about how plans sometimes change or evolve unexpectantly and that she likes to go with the flow. All of these rationalizations, along with Mona’s hot kisses and caresses, overcame the voice of caution about the change of plans, and soon we were naked and on the bed.

We had fun! A long night of fucking, sucking, licking, thrusting, humping, Mona coming over and over again. At one point I was finger-fucking her pussy to a series of orgasms, seeking and finding her G-spot, and she squirted into my cupped palm and onto the bed, leaving a wet spot. “Good thing we have two beds,” she panted, giggling, before I brought her to another wet orgasm as my fingers thrust in her and my palm slapped and splashed against her swollen pussy lips.

In between long bouts of passion, we cuddled and caressed and talked. In one sense it felt cozy and natural being there with Mona outside of the club atmosphere. On the other hand, the little voice in my head kept distracting me; it also felt illicit there in a seedy motel with another woman. And as much fun as we had, and as great as Mona is in giving head, I couldn't seem to reach that point of no return and really come hard. I had a series of dry orgasms, but not the body racking, soul shaking orgasm I really needed.

It was very late when I asked Mona whether she still planned to drive back to the resort, which had been her plan. She didn’t think driving in the mountains in the wee hours of the morning was a good idea, and neither did I, so we cuddled up and settled in for the night. I’d told Ellen that Mona wasn’t planning on staying the night, and here was another change of plans. Not a big deal, I thought as I hushed the voice in my head and drifted off to sleep with Mona pressed tightly next to me.

In the morning, I woke both antsy and horny. I woke Mona with a nipplegasm and some tasty pussy licking, followed by a vigorous fuck. The antsiness began to overcome my fun and I was keen to get going but Mona was keen to reciprocate and really wanted me to cum. Her talented and tenacious blow job brought me close over and over, but I couldn't get me off. I was too unsettled, and regretfully told her so. “I’m missing my protein shake this morning,” she pouted playfully after releasing my cock from her lips. After a shower and soapy gropes, Mona got dressed and we kissed goodbye. I’d had a lot of fun with her but was happy to be alone to sort out my feelings. I checked out of the motel, had a good breakfast and set out for the long drive north, mulling over the events and my actions.

When I got home, Ellen came out of the house to greet me and we sat on the bench in the yard and talked about the night. I told her everything immediately, wanting to be completely honest. Ellen wasn't pleased but didn't make a big deal since she understood the rationalizations and practical issues, although she did suggest I could have called or texted. I apologized to her, still not exactly clear what line was crossed but nonetheless aware that my own uneasiness with the night and her reaction were cause enough to seek forgiveness. Ironically, Ellen was faced with a very similar scenario a week later with Ron and Nora at the very same motel—Nora suggested they stay in and play—but Ellen couldn't text me to check in because I'd gone camping with kids and wasn't textable. So they went to club, but Ellen understood my dilemma and I understood her point about plans changing and us being flexible. All in all it was a good lesson and a reminder to us both about the importance of clear expectations and timely communication, and the risk of rationalizing away that voice in ours heads urging caution.

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