Sunday, November 10, 2013

August 10. The Gift that Keeps Giving and a Four-way Swap

Mona and I had a date to meet up at the club planned for the following Wednesday, so I was surprised to get a text from her asking if I planned to go to the party on the upcoming Saturday night. It hadn't been my intention, but Ellen was still out of action for a bit longer and she encouraged me to go. I was pleasantly surprised, but grateful for Ellen's support, particularly since she seemed to recognize how beneficial my recent experiences were for my sense of confidence and my ego. I felt as if I had rediscovered myself as a lover, as a sexual being, much as she had when she first started going out alone. And I really appreciated Ellen's selflessness and consideration. After all, she would be with the kids while I got to play. I knew she was feeling envious after a hiatus from the clubs for various medical reasons, although she'd had a recent play time with Bill and Kelly at their house, which was a first non-club, non-hotel venue for sex with others.

So I headed North to the club, enjoying the sense of expectation of seeing Mona again. We were splitting the couples party fee; I didn't feel right having her pay my way, nor did I feel it appropriate to pay for her, since spending our money on a partner is pretty much reserved for Ellen and me. I clarified this with Mona as we met up together at the club entrance...after exchanging a passionate kiss hello, of course.

The party theme was belly dancing. I planned to ware my Shalwar Kameez that I'd gotten during a recent work trip to South Asia. Mona, who has been taking belly dancing lessons, showed up with a very sexy belly dancing outfit with long ropy and very revealing skirt that, once she'd gotten into it, barely covered her naked ass and pussy. She had a short halter-like covering for her tits and shoulders that left her midriff bare. I'm a sucker for a sexy bare midriff!

Mona and I were planning to spend the night together for the first time, and I had brought a sheet and blanket to share. While getting changed out of our street clothes and into our various get-ups, a couple dressed in full Arabian Nights costume—him in a Sheikh's turban and flowing robes, she in a Scheherazade costume with full wig and half veil—came over to say hello to Mona. I was introduced to Jim and Karen, whom Mona had played with one morning a few weeks previously. They were keen to get together with Mona again and Karen's body language made it clear that she was interested in me, too. Mona let me know later that she was willing but didn't want to spend a lot of time with them; she really wanted to be with me this evening. That was fine with me, although I was definitely intrigued by Karen; I sensed a very erotic energy from her, and an enticing face and body beneath that costume.

We chatted with a variety of people over cocktails, including Sara, with whom Mona traded insights into the delights of coconut oil as a lubricant. We ended up sitting with Karen and Jim for dinner. Jim is the dominant in that relationship, and Karen does his bidding. At one point, Mona went for another drink and to chat with the belly dancers who were about to perform—she knew one of them from her class—and Jim told Karen to sit next to Mona's seat. And to pay some attention to me. Well, that lead to some passionate kissing and groping between me and Karen until Mona returned. “Oh,” she said as she took in the scene. I drew back from Karen and gave Mona a reassuring smile, and Karen moved back to her seat to enjoy the floorshow. Mona sat next to me and I gave her a kiss and told her I was all hers if she wanted.

The belly dancers took to the floor, each in their turn. One was more traditional and had the voluptuous body just made for belly dancing. The other was more lithe and mixed in some burlesque moves; she was sexy as hell, and mesmerizing. Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of Karen leaning back against Jim, and without anyone touching her she had an intense orgasm just watching the dancer! Now she was someone I knew I wanted to play with!

After the floorshow, the dancing began. Mona and I are good together on the dance floor—we danced apart, together, freely and flirtatiously. Jim and Karen occasionally joined in with us. As the vibes got more and more erotic I took the opportunity to suck on Mona's nipples and to finger-fuck her to a series of orgasms on the dance floor, which we both love doing. I eventually stripped down to a sexy pair of white lace-up shorts that I was wearing, and Mona, being inventive, “borrowed” some coconut oil from Sara, whose source was the chef Jefferey, and with a dollop on her hand, proceeded to reach into my shorts for my hard cock and give me a luscious hand-job in return. I could have come in her hand there on the dance floor but steeled myself to holding off; I was only just getting started with what seemed to be a very promising evening.

On the balcony overlooking the dance floor there was a sex toy display and demonstration area. We decided to check it out before heading up to play, and there we saw Karen on a mattress getting fucked to orgasm after orgasm by a large mechanical dildo on a piston while Jim watched. Next to her was a woman mounted on and enjoying the hell out of a Sybian. I loved watching and I encouraged Mona to try them out, but she said she really isn't into toys. “I'm afraid they'd be too easy and too addictive,” she told me.

Once Karen was finished, we all stood together chatting about toys, but Karen was ready for more and we started to get amorous and touchy. I was finger-fucking Mona again while kissing Karen and soon was on my knees with a wet thrusting pussy in each hand, finger-fucking Karen and Mona at the same time as the stood on either side of me, with Jim's semi-erect cock dangling near my face and his ample belly pressed close; an invitation, perhaps, but not one I was interested in. Well, even though Mona had earlier said she wanted to play with me alone before playing with Jim and Karen, we all ended up heading to the play area together—the mood and the energy was right.

After we settled together on a queen bed on the lower play area near the porn screen and a froggy chair, I went down on Mona and licked her to a series of orgasms while Karen sucked Jim's cock. Then I switched and licked and fingered Karen's sweet dripping pussy to her evident enjoyment, while Jim did the same for Mona. We all changed again, with me fucking Mona and Jim fucking Karen before switching partners. 

I was fucking Karen's tight pussy doggy style and slapping her ass to her eager encouragement when Jim suggested I fuck her on the froggy chair while he fucked Mona. That was fine with me, and with Karen, who had never tried the chair before. We had a great time; Karen is a vocal and enthusiastic sex partner. She's also very pretty, with bright playful eyes, a very hot, tight body and a fantastic ass that bucks and shakes when she comes. Pretty soon, Jim and Mona joined us, and Karen sucked Jim (apparently getting fucked while sucking Jim is something Karen really enjoys) while Mona sucked Karen's nipples and I fucked Karen and finger-fucked Mona, whom I didn't want to feel left out.Well, as fun as this was, I was getting a bit worn out trying to keep a pelvic rhythm responsive to Karen's urgings while keeping a different hand rhythm that was responsive to Mona's urgent pelvic thrusts. My rock hard erection was beginning to fade a bit from the effort—the blood was needed elsewhere, I guess. So after a series of orgasms from Mona and Karen (I wasn't sure about Jim), it was time for a break. I thanked Karen for a great time, she returned the thanks with a passionate kiss, and we left her and Jim cuddling on the bed.

Mona and I went off for drinks and a midnight snack, and chatted with Bill and Kelly for a while. Bill is Mona's other “favorite,” which is interesting considering Ellen and Bill's friendship and occasional play. Mona got a nice foot rub from Bill as she leaned against me at the table we shared. This was followed by another round of dancing (and more finger-fucking and nipple-gasms for Mona), then we relaxed on one of the sofas while Mona gave me a long, delightful blowjob that brought me to multiple dry orgasms. This was watched from across the room by one of the regulars at the club named Greg, along with a few others. After I gently told Mona that I probably wasn't going to come and ejaculate—I simply couldn't reach that point of no return—she gave my cock a few more licks and kisses, and then sat up. We chatted a bit with Greg about the dry orgasm phenomenon; he was well experienced in it. Then we headed upstairs to get blanket and sheet and to cuddle in the play area, where I finger-fucked and licked Mona to another series of orgasms; her insatiable ability to come is infectious for a compersive like me. Finally we cuddled up to chat and listen to other couples in the throws of passion, and drifted off to asleep.

This was the first time I had slept with another woman since before Ellen, and it was both odd and delightfully intimate. Mona is a self-described “touch-whore” who loves to caress and cuddle and spoon, a feeling of close physical intimacy and connectedness that is different from sex, and for which I have been yearning. I've always been more touchy-feely than Ellen, who needs her space, so finding a fellow touchy-feely cuddler like Mona was a nice bonus to the great sex we were sharing. We slept tightly entwined in a warm embrace. To my surprise, I actually slept soundly for a few hours.

As the light of dawn penetrated the dark warmth of our nest in the play area, I awoke and stretched and realized with pleasure that I had a playmate snoozing but available beside me. I woke Mona by licking her tits and sucking her nipples to orgasm, then reaching down and finger-fucking her. She reciprocated with a gentle morning blowjob, but we could smell coffee brewing and breakfast cooking, and our need for caffein and sustenance got us moving. We donned some clothes and went for breakfast, sharing a table again with Karen and Jim. It soon came out that the night had been Mona's birthday, and she thanked us all for having made it so memorable. I was very pleasantly surprised, and especially so when she whispered into my ear that I had been the perfect birthday present. Karen and Jim had to leave, and after we exchanged contact information I had a lovely passionate goodbye kiss from Karen. We both looked forward to the next time we could play together.

Well, after breakfast, Mona and I headed up to the play area for an extended fuck on the froggy chair. Mona came hard and often as, with the renewed vigor from coffee and food, I drove into her passionately and deeply. This was followed by Mona's “protein shake” brought on by a soul-shattering orgasmic blow-job. I had been giving Mona some ideas about what sort of touch was right for me, and she responded with relish. It was amazing to me that this woman was so sensuous and loving and enthusiastic about me and my pleasure, and as hungry for my essence as I was thirsty for hers.

Afterward we showered together and dressed. I walked Mona to her car as we discussed our upcoming date on Wednesday night, and the air-sex competition I was planning to enter. A passionate kiss goodbye, and off we drove our separate ways.

When I got home, I took the boys out kayaking, as I'd promised to do before, even though I was fairly exhausted. But I'd had fun that weekend, and tired or not, wanted to share the glow of good feelings with my family.

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