Monday, November 25, 2013

August 31: Labor Day, Lusty Night

After another rough week dealing with relationship, health, and financial issues, Ellen suggested I go out to the club up north. She had wanted to go, too, but she had various minor health reason that prevented her from having intercourse with anyone. Feeling horny but unable to partake of Ellen's particular delights, I decided to go. Mona would be there, and I looked forward to her lovely TLC and great sexual energy to get me out of my funk.

I arrived early and watched the Sex Olympics out in the garden, in which Ron and Kelly both participated along with a number of other men and women in various events involving blow jobs, toys, and eating pussy. It was interesting to watch but not particularly sexy or exciting. Fortunately Mona arrived and rescued me from ennui. I went with her to the locker room, where she changed into a sexy string skirt and cute colorful bra-like top and G-string, and we wandered out to the garden to chat with people. It was a luau theme night, but as we talked we learned that the yurt was also going to be open and set up as a dungeon for some BDSM that night. We decided to check it out.

There was a St. Andrews Cross flogging station, a wooden "horse" bench to lay over for what I later learned would be electric play, and it was getting me hot and bothered. Fortunately there was a basket of condoms at hand, so after some heavy petty I told Mona to lie down on the massage table that was at hand—a perfect height and good option in lieu of a froggy chair—and I pulled her G-string to the side and thrust my hard cock into her, fucking her hard. It was fun, especially because it wasn't at all clear whether the yurt was ready for play and we might get "caught". A couple of body-quaking orgasms later (for Mona) I pulled out and helped her to her feet. Leaving the yurt we ran into a single guy and told him with chuckle that he'd missed the show!

Well, we chitchatted again, had dinner, watched the Sex Olympics awards and poi eating contest, and finally the music started and we headed out onto the dance floor for some erotic orgasmic dancing. We both relish the public finger-fucking and nipplegasms that send Mona into ecstasy as she thrusts against my hand in time to the music, and it never fails to get me hard while igniting other couples passions around us.

We decided to go out and see what the action was like in the yurt. There were three stations, and about a dozen people watching as one woman was flogged on the St. Andrews Cross, another woman was enjoying fire play on the massage table, and a third woman was experiencing the tingles of an electric wand on the wooden horse. Mona was intrigued by the fire play, as was I, but since I have yet to shave or wax all of my body hair I knew I wasn’t a candidate for that. Instead I opted for the electric wand, which was the first station to come open. The woman wielding the wand was well versed in its use, and the sensation as she touch different erogenous zones was amazing. Behind the knees, my upper thighs, my ass cheeks, my neck and scalp, and then closer and closer to groin, teasing me and zeroing in on my balls and perineum; this sent me rattling and roiling in a near orgasmic spasm. It reminded me of my reaction to hot wax—I liked the intensely focused sensations. Mona watched and enjoyed my reactions, but declines to partake—she was more interested in the fire play.

She lay out on the table before the muscular bald Master-of-the-Fire, and he initiated her by first gently and quickly burning away the fine hairs on her legs, thighs, belly and chest. The smell of burnt hair wafted through the air, a scent that was oddly compelling in this setting. Then he began more concentrated and intense touches of the torch and waves of his hands. Mona squirmed as he focused on her nipples, gasping with surprise and pleasure mixed with fear—this was fire touching her. Then he sent the torch down to her part legs and again brought gasps of mingled pleasure and pain. She was certainly enjoying it, and trusted his confident technique—he never stopped whispering to her and assuring her that she was safe.

Mona reached the end of the play as I did—body alive to the new erotic sensation, but ready for more traditional fingers, mouths, cock and cunt. I still wanted to try the flogging station, but the flogger was another guy, and I wanted a woman to flog me, so we watched a bit longer as a sexy French Canadian couple took their turns with the electric wand and the fire table. We compared our experiences afterward, and agreed that it was an area worth exploring more.

After the yurt dungeon, Mona and I headed to the hot tub, where we met an attractive Persian couple that really intrigued me; he spoke English well and had lived in the US for a while, but his pretty buxom partner had just arrived from Iran. Apparently not everything is as it seems in Iran. We were soon joined by three younger couples, some of whom were new to the club and the lifestyle. One beautiful blond woman was totally new and uncertain. As we all made small talk, Mona and I caressed each other under the water; Mona stroked my hard cock and I fingered her, sucking her nipples until she came. This got the others interested; another lovely blond woman started kissing the new girl, who was unsettled, obviously caught between liking the erotic and sensuous touch and the breaking of a taboo. Another couple sat on the edge of the hot tub watching as the man finger-fucking his pretty sexy brunette partner. The new woman by now was straddling her partner, gently humping him in the water and kissing. A Canadian couple I’d been interested in the very first time I was at the club with Ellen (see Going and Coming Together) had just finished playing upstairs and were revived—he asked new girl if he could touch her and she blushed and panted and said "I don't know how to say no." to which we replied in unison "Just like that!"

I was getting overheated and had to get out of the water, sitting on the side, which gave Mona a perfect position to take me into her mouth and give me great head. I got a fantastic view of her lovely mouth plunging down my cock while also watching as the new guy went down on his partner as she floated spread eagle in hot tub, coming to a series of intense orgasms. I was close, too; it was such a strong erotic current in the hot tub, and Mona and I had gotten it started with our play and energy, which was a head rush.

After a while Mona and I were ready for a change of scenery and headed for a very extended froggy chair fuck at top of stairs. Again we seemed to garner more than our share of attention as we had lots of amused and interested looks from other couples and groupings. The resident triad and their playmates of the moment were in an upper bunk area nearby and I saw Dana leaning out to watch us and smiling down at me. I could see her and her friends in the mirror behind Mona’s head watching intently and with evident enjoyment and bemusement at Mona’s ecstatic cries and moans. We had an audience again, and it only served to feed our already intense erotic energy.

At one point Mark and Beth (they were my first full swap with Ellen) walked by after finishing their fuck. Both had big sexy smiles for us, and Beth had certainly had seen my progress over the months. As I was fucking Mona to another body-racking orgasm Mark gave me a big slap on the back and a "You go, dude" for encouragement and brotherhood. I felt like I was finally myself—the confident and enthusiastic lover that I had so lost touch with—and a fully-fledged member of the club!

After our long loud bout of fucking fun, it was break time. Fluid, food, and chitchat with Bill and Kelly down on the dance floor. Then we were back in the hot tub chatting and gently caressing each other before drying off and finding a cozy spot to settle in for the night. We played a bit, and Mona gave me a wonderful blow job that ended with me cumming hard and loud. As I came down to earth, we listened to others play while caressing and dozing. I slept well, content and cozy with Mona’s warm body snuggled up beside me.

In the morning we awoke and played leisurely. Mona wanted to blow me again, and I had extended dry orgasms. I knew I wasn't going to ejaculate (she wanted her morning protein) but I told her I thought I now better understood female orgasms, the roiling multiple peaks that seem to connect one after the other in a long series. For me they weren’t as mind-blowing and deeply intensely centered as when I ejaculate, but they were whole body racking and incredibly pleasurable in a very different way. I told Mona she'd put me in touch with my inner cunt; she laughed at that. Then it was time to leave, so we had a quick shower, dressed and parted ways after a last passionate kiss by her car.

The morning’s experience left me feeling tingling and wanting more, something I hadn't really experience but that Ellen had said happens to her for days after going out to play. And it is holding true for me, too. I'd really like to share the energy with Ellen! But that evening, after some initial kissing and caressing and playfulness, Ellen redirected me to go do story-time for the boys, and that broke the mood. I dutifully ceased and headed downstairs, and the moment passed, which is sadly all too common at home.

I knew that we needed to get out of the house and out of our normal routines if we wanted to rekindle passion between us. I also knew that I had to overcome Ellen’s normal reticence and diversionary techniques if we were going to rediscover our positive sexual energy. We’d managed to do so on a few occasions this last year, but I also sensed that we were growing apart rather than growing together, that the limits within our relationship were more rigid than those with others, and overcoming those required us to lower our barriers and be vulnerable and willing. I knew I was still hesitant with Ellen—she has a unique ability to make me feel inept as a lover, and I haven’t like that feeling, so I avoid reaching out or else I am hesitant, which is not my usual nature. Mona has helped me rediscover myself as a creative, open-minded and skilled lover, and it is this I want to share with Ellen most of all. After all, it is Ellen whom I share my life with, and it is with her I seek the deepest intimacy and connection. 

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